Audio versions of articles from The New Yorker, The Atlantic and more
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Assistive Media is a non-profit organization dedicated to offering audio access to literary works for the blind. They have placed an extensive archive of downloadable magazine articles in mp3 format online, including selections from The New Yorker, Foreign Affairs, The Atlantic and American Heritage.
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Also see BookShare for over 27,445 books available in DAISY, BRF or HTML format for people with documented print disabilities.
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They could make a boatload of money off of this if they just reframed their content from "assistive media" to the more memeish "podcast."
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also see Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic
"Anne T. Macdonald was a member of the New York Public Library's Women's Auxiliary in 1948 when the letters started to arrive — letters from soldiers who had lost their sight in combat during World War II."
I've been to their offices in Chicago, and would love to be able to improve the software and process they use. I was surprised that their recording format requires special hardware for playback. The current state of technology should allow them to distribute recordings without any special requirements for hardware.
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Very nice. Thanks for the link.
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Huskerdont, Excellent post. Thank you so much. Amberglow and Soliloquy, what marvelous resources.

I love to hear things read. What a treat.
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Thank you for this.
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Just thought of sending this the Assistive Media link to a dear friend who is visually impaired, she's gonna love it!
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Thanks for the great link, huskerdont!

I recently discovered
brief description of the site:

"LibriVox: free audiobooks
LibriVox volunteers record chapters of books in the public domain, and then we release the audio files back onto the net (podcast and catalog). Our objective is to make all books in the public domain available, for free, in audio format on the internet. We are a totally volunteer, open source, free content, public domain project. "

I have already listened to "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen from the site, and am happy to report that the sound quality, and the reading of the volunteers was excellent.
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sorry, the link didn't post above
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the link feature isn't working for me, so here is the URL for Librivox:
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great stuff. thanks for this.
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There are indeed podcast feeds for all the pages on the Assistive Media site, but we haven't quite finished connecting everything yet. You can pick up the main feed right now at and put that into your favorite podcast client.
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