Finally, a way to bond with your goldfish.
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Goldfish can be trained to do some pretty cool stuff.[mi]
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I won't be koi. Those fish carp diem, and I mean swimmingly.
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I always heard goldfish only had like a 3 second memory, which, I would assume, would make training impossible. This may not be true though, some argue.
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No way???!! That is incredible!
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That video at the first link in the motherfucking bomb. I have never seen anything like that, and am impressed.
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Scientists are starting to realize the complexity and sophistication of tiny brains. There's an article in new scientist about the portia spider, which I can't link to because it's subscriber only. Well, here's the summary:

The Portia genus of jumping spider reveals clever cognitive skills that are supposed to be way beyond such tiny creepy-crawlies. Portia eats other spiders, and their carefully planned, dynamic attacks on their prey leave animal researchers wondering if they may have some inkling of a mind. Pages 37-39

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That goldfish video is just COMPLETELY INSANE, thank you.

Animal consciousness, be it primate or not, isn't an either-or, black or white question. It's a question with widely gradated answers.
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I was just thinking about the fate of my own three goldfish, which I inherited when I bought my home last summer.

They were in the pond in the backyard which hadn't been maintained in months. The pump wasn't working and the pond was overgrown with string algae so they were suffocating. I had to rebuild the pond and fix the pump - which took a whole weekend.

As it's less than three feet deep and I live in Canada, the fish have to come indoors to survive the winter. This is more work than I initially bargained for. The fish are quite big, ranging in size from 6 to 8 inches long. I invested in a 30 gallon aquarium for them and to keep it clean and healthy is a winter-long exercise. I was able to return them to the pond a few weeks ago, and the pond requires far less on-going maintenance.

I was thinking to myself this morning that I don't want to winter them inside again this year. But if I can teach them tricks, that might make the whole exercise worth my time! I just might try these techniques on them. Thanks!
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watches goldfish video. jaw drops. is stum.
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When that goldfish video was on the frontpage of Videosift, people argued that the fishes had been fed magnets.
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Our betta, Clark (aka Floyd) can learn a thing or two from these chum.

And I don't see how magnets would work in a fish.

Think I'll have me some fish and chips for lunch today.
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Yeah, I'm thinking magnets. But it was still fun to watch.
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HOW?! ...they have like... 30 second memories!!!
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This is fantastic -- I wish I could train my goldfish to do this.

As it is, all I've managed to train him to do is know his regular feeding times. And he's learned that if he swims pitifully in one corner of the tank, it's likely I'll feed him more.

Conniving little bastard...
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Yeah, uh, that blew my mind.
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It should not take over two weeks of 15 minute a day training sessions to reach your fish performance goal.
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This is sadly out of print.
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This is so cool.
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Holy crap. Now I feel even worse about my inability to train my cat.
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I have an automatic feeder to feed my fish in the morning, and as soon as they hear the sound, they race to where the food comes out. They also swim excitedly near the top-front of the tank near their second feeding time. It's the only time I see the neons not swimming lazily in the middle or bottom of the tank.

Of course, I've also seen them taste a piece of plant matter three or four times before finally getting that it won't magically turn into flake.
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In with the rest of my stupid fish I've got one bright angel fish that follows my movements in the room, if I even reach for the can of fish food he starts vibrating. He also chews his flakes then spits out whatever parts he doen't like.
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I don't believe it.
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I don't believe it either. At 00:42 some fishes have to swim backwards..
Can they even do that? I go with the magnet theory..
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How do you explain the flapping fins? They move precisely when the goldfish needs to turn, etc.

If magnets were used, I imagine the fishes fins wouldn't react they way they seem to be reacting.
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"The crackers Danny...the cheese things you have at parties?"

"I'm not sure I was supposed to know that"

"Give it here."
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Google Video seems to be hosed. I think that this may be the same video, on YouTube.
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Hm. No Mythbusters references yet? They did a similar training exercise with goldfish. One of them, Jamie, had been a pet store owner and had already trained goldfish before, so he knew the 3 second myth wasn't true.

Adam didn't fare so well, mainly because he methodology in the training was faulty. Jamie's fish did quite well. I think he trained them to navigate a 3 dimensional vertically oriented maze for food in about a week.
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..perhaps there is only a solitary trained fish. The others being CGI clones?
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Perhaps a single goldfish has a 3-second memory, but three goldfish together have 3*3*3 = 27 seconds worth of memory...
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Three fish? There were four fish in the film, five fresh fish.
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Now I feel sheepish.
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