Jason Nelson made me insane
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For those who never have seen anything by Jason Nelson. Check out these... uh.... things he made. For instance, there is Uncontrollable Semantics, which is a program that has something to do with words and music and shapes and mice. And then there is the Hermeticon, which apparently is a thing that utilizes letters and 80's kid commerical videos. Or the slot machine that tells you how you will die.
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Here is his homepage. And, no, I don't understand it either.
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The Death Spin is fun. "A vagrant mistakes you for a 'parking lot god' and worships you with knives"...that's how I'm going to die. Thanks for spoiling the surprise, Jason!
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I like the Hermeticon, even though it gave me a headache.
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Great, looks like I'm going to die ages and ages and ages from now, after being electrocuted multiple times by people I love, blood disease, getting parts of me erased, and doing multiple things within the next 72 hours that'll wind up killing me. Whenever that is. I'm up to like 347 points right now. I'm gonna be one of those goddamn heads on Futurama. Can't I just die in my sleep next week?

(cool link)
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Web W.TF
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Awesomely weird. Nice tunes on the homepage, too.
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Jesus, 360 and another blood disease! My life is pain.
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I like that he spells gait as "gate".
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fantastic, thank you.
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Excellent site. Many thanks. This seems more like a home page.
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in Hermeticon, e = which is esteemed by childish minds. Does that mean me?
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The slot machine lost credibility when it assumed that I donated sperm in college - I thought it knew me! So I will just continue styling my hair, adjusting my clothes etc.
Does anyone know how long it took the artist to assemble these sites?
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[this is fucking rad]
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"Someone you have yet to meet but will grow to love will electrocute you in your sleep."

Good for me, and a bonus spin as well! Sweet!
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Sooo bogus. I've never been to college.

I've never donated sperm, either; I'm all about bartering.

Fun stuff, btw. :D
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i tried the death spin thingie but i died before the stupid thing stopped

see y'all later
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its like badly translated english of Japanese stereo directions.

please to make for the swimming no cake here.
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Experimental Flash literature sure is a ball of pla[sticky] confusion.
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