Damn, Sun!
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TRACE - The Transition Region and Coronal Explorer, a solar telescope satellite. Launched in 1998, it has since taken millions of pictures of the sun and its many spots, prominences, and filaments. There are thousands of amazing images for you to browse, some with extensive explanations. There are movies as well, strange and beautiful. And don't be ignant, get your sun facts straight!
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Really, really worth taking some time with.
I found me a new desktop!
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The sun is a mass of incandescent gas, a gigantic nuclear furnace.
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Very cool links...thanks!
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bombed. oh well, their loss! :)
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Wow - don't know why this one didn't get more comments than it did... some great links, and a well put-together fpp... perhaps not enough snarking? Too many links? Not enough Pepsi blue? No newsfilter link?

Just when you think you've got the hive mind sussed out... :)
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I missed this when it was posted on Monday, and only found it because I was searching in preparation for posting it myself. Great site. Here is my new wallpaper.
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Sometimes the best posts get the least comments for the simple reason that iterations of "Awesome!" can get tiresome to write and read, perhaps?

That said: Awesome. Great post.
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How can that thing not be about to explode?
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There's no point in worrying about global warming because it's going to happen anyway!

At point D, approximately one and a half billion years later, the surface of the Sun will be 3.3 times the size it is now and have a temperature of about 4300 degrees. The temperature on Earth will increase by 100 degrees, causing all the seas to evaporate and destroying life on Earth as we know it. Within another 250 million years, the Sun will grow 100 times larger than it is now and 500 times more luminous.

Thanks a lot, sun!!
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