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Many news sites already show a list of the most popular stories, but the BBC has gone one further with its BBC News Live Stats. Not only can you see the most popular stories updating in real time and also based on region, but you can also view the flow of the news over a day; this will be very interesting to watch when breaking news occurs.
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breaking news
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no fitzmass this year....
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Hey, this is really good. I don't think we've ever been able to see what readers are interested in like this before. So much of newsroom work is guessing this sort of thing.
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This pretty damn cool, I wish google would have these kind of metrics easily readable.
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Very cool. Thanks.
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That's a really nice route into the BBC site, cheeers for the pointer adrianhon.
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Las Ultimas Noticias, a Chilean tabloid, publish their entire layouts online, and use the click rates to pick tomorrow's stories. They're revoltingly succesful with this.
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Pretty awesome, thanks for the link.
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Signal, I'm more interested in that than is permissible for newspaper geeks. Do you have a reference?
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Interesting. I'm rather addicted to the similar newsmap - it allows comparisons among different countries, and it's very graphic (some say annoyingly so, but I beg to differ.)
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Really cool, but why is every continent 5% below average traffic? Is the BBC getting a lot of off-planet . . . oh god
posted by yerfatma at 10:32 AM on June 14, 2006

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