there's a party in my tummy, and biz markie's coming!
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Yo Gabba Gabba is a new concept for a children's television show, featuring a hip-hop edge, guest starring Biz Markie and Paul Frank's Julius The Monkey, as well as the standard complement of day-glo monsters and songs. Some children's programming is the product of serious thought. Some is completely bewildering. Some just plain rocks.
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damn you. i'm going to be singing "there's a party in my tummy" every time i eat for the next week. thanks.
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Ok, what is Pancake Mountain, why is it so cool, and how come they never had this when I was young? I demand answers!

(All I had were memories of Ringo as a conductor and some sheep singing a song that never ended)
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Of course I can't resist mentioning the preschool show about the giant robots that escape from a factory to form a band that sings songs with lyrics like "Is it really true that your mommy is a blender?" (link to MP3)
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I just toyed around with Boobah for half an hour. it's my new favorite website. is something wrong with me?
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Party In My Tummy sounds like it's from Avenue Q. I love it.
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Good God.

The Krofft Brothers meet the Boo-bahs.

That *has* to be one of the signs.
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Bah. Nothing will ever surpass TISWAS
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Hey, MC Bat Commander appears in that preview. Any kid's show that involves The Aquabats has my full and enthusiastic approval.
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Oh, please, all of this pales to the oddity that is Lazy Town.
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padraigin, Fun and interesting post. Children's programming impacts millions of kids' lives, for decades. Like everybody else I remember the shows I watched as a little rascal. Yo Gabba Gabba looks fun. I always liked the daring humor of Sesame Street, how kids pick up on the cultural fluff, then spin it into something they can laugh at/with and learn too while enjoying.

Confession: I loved Davey and Goliath cartoons as a kid.

It worries me when a merchandiser gets in on the act, like Paul Frank, selling Julius logo items and insinuating into kids' TV. But if Julius can be as fun as Elmo, ok.

I loved the BooBah kaleidoscope!
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Julius is no longer Paul's Monkey (the board of Paul Frank Industries tossed him out last fall)
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Ok, what is Pancake Mountain, why is it so cool, and how come they never had this when I was young? I demand answers!

We did , it was called TISWAS ( i know its just been said) ,
we had loads of punk bands throwing custard pies about- werent the clash on it ?

has anyone got a link to songs from the pancake mountain show ? i liked the alphabet thingy ...
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Ok, what is Pancake Mountain, why is it so cool, and how come they never had this when I was young? I demand answers!

The show also featured the new acoustic-oriented band from Ian MacKaye (of Fugazi, Minor Threat) called The Evens. They had a song called "Vowel Movements."

Honestly, I can't think of a "grown up" show that has managed to have guests like Ian MacKaye, Henry Rollins, Ted Leo, Anti-Flag and The Arcade Fire on it.

You can buy DVDs from Dischord Records.
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'I think I'm in love with a goat.'
You and me both, luv.
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I saw Yo Gabba Gabba off kottke (I think) a few weeks ago. At that time you could download two bigger HD trailers than the 22MB one, and there was no YouTube link.

At any rate, my three year old loves watching the trailer. She says, "Muno has one eye. Fuffee is the bubble one. Brobee is the little one. Tuttee is the dragon one. Rex [sic] is a robot." Then she demands to watch it over and over. Needless to say, "Yo gabba gabba" is now a stock phrase in my household.

I think my brother-in-law put it best when he said, "This is a show made for parents who grew up in the 70s."
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My daughters favorite show is Wonder Pets, which is quite cute and entertaining.
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My kids are obsessed with Wonderpets, too. They watch it, and then they act it out. They can save each other for hours.
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