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Radio streams on the net. A huge compendium of radio stations around the globe which have internet feeds.
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This a great resource. Thanks, caddis.
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You want to listen to a radio station over the internet that will make your ass explode out the back of your head? Go here, and then go down to the bottom of the page and click on "Listen Live". Enjoy.
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For public radio fans, also check out Public Radio Fan.
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Love live Radio Paradise!... Founded by Wild Bill from KPIG (the first station to webcast their show.)
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am i the only person who finds that this page crashes firefox?

(sorry to snark..)
posted by ascullion at 11:29 AM on June 14, 2006

Wonderful, caddis.
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You're right, NDcent. Those compression artifacts on that 10kbps stream or whatever it was did make my ass explode out of the back of my head. Thanks!
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Too many freakin' ads for me. I prefer Mike's Radio World.
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Check out CBC Radio 3. If you prefer to listen in iTunes, look under public, or alt/modern rock.

Full disclosure... I work for R3. In a nutshell, we serve the interests of independent Canadian artists who upload their music to New Music Canada.
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Pinespree, I think that you're not doing it right. When I click on it I don't get artifacts or streams. Music comes out. Try again.
posted by ND¢ at 11:37 AM on June 14, 2006

Sorry, I got the music, but it was so compressed that it kind of hurt. The music underneath was good, but the artifacts drive me nuts. I think some people are more sensitive to those things than others. Like, me more than you. :)
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This is great, thanks.
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WFAN (Sports Radio 660 NYC) recently went online.

I didn't realize how tiring mike and the mad dog can be.

I make my way through the moring with the JV & Elvis show on between 9am-1pm (est)
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Wow, great resource! Thanks!

Many people and bands are creating their own online radio stations in various ways. [COI: linked station is run by someone I know.] It would be nice to have inter-site organization those indie stations as well.
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There's IORSN for indie. Not comprehensive, however.
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Their site hurts my eyes and my brain, but this is an awesome resource. Thanks, caddis!
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I didn't realize how tiring mike and the mad dog can be.

WFAN lost its charm for me after Doris from Rego Park passed away.
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Thanks for the post and the links in the comments...whole lotta' radiio going on...
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Thank you, caddis!
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Interesting, I personally think that web based radio stations for music are better than just finding a local station online. iTunes kicks for that!
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Spent a week cataloging Mandarin Chinese stations (your site has a terrible and largely unresearched list). Anyway, I expected to hear lots of American music ... but I heard LOTS AND LOTS. Sort of took the winds out of my sails. I was hoping to find atmospheric and soothing pipa music, and got Celine Dion. *sigh*

Mikes is a better list, of course. And if you're really a fan, you can grab lists from several radio software programs.

On the plus side, I can't imagine why I ever threw away good money on SIRIUS. I've escaped from the world of droning rightwing blather (SIRIUS is REALLY lop-sided, playing to the NASCAR crowd). I'm so addicted to online radio that I haven't turned on my TV for months.

Great for language training too!
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