Motown in Teheran
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Googoosh! In the 70s, there was a pop star in (pre-revolutionary) Iran named Googoosh. She recorded a handful of covers of Motown songs, and lots of Farsi pop that fuses Motown and Persian music. Check it out if you like world music and Motown. There are lo-fi MP3s under the link above, and there are CDs:Best of Googoosh, Vol. 4: Doe Panjereh. She performed in the US in 2000, after a 20-year hiatus, in LA and DC. The concert in DC was something else, both audience and performance.
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Mahir Cagri went to Iran once... wonder if he kissed her.
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Haha! What an uncanny coincidence! "Googoosh" is the noise I make during my morning bowel movement.
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Never heard of her before yesterday when I came across an article in the washington post about Radio Farda (linked to a site that doesn't require registration) - winning the hearts and minds of Iraqis with vacuous pop, apparently.

I'd call it an uncanny coincidence, but antifreez ruined that phrase for me.
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AspectRadio, that Mahir Cagri guy is so Borat.
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You know, this is a pretty sucky post, but Googoosh is actually a great singer. I saw her in concert during her first tour after leaving Iran.
Here's her official site (warning: embedded music), and here's the obligatory wikipedia entry. Her importance to the Iranian expatriot community and her contribution to Iranian music cannot be overstated.
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Are there any of those MP3 files in the main link that folks would particularly recommend? I find the sheer volume a bit intimidating, and am not sure where to start.

I like her cover of In The Midnight Hour (MP3 link), despite the poor recording quality. It sounds both familiar and strange.
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Do panjereh, katibeh, hamsafar are all nice.

Try her page for more.
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