Finding and Feeling the Neal Medlyn Way
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"Sloppiness is my palette." Neal Medlyn is the self-proclaimed "Paris Hilton of Performance Art" who looked for "bits and pieces of coolness in normal things or in anything" when he was growing up in small-town Texas. Now performing regularly in New York City, Medlyn played a nude Dubya shacking up with Karen Finley's nude Martha Stewart in George and Martha (here's a review and another review; photos NSFW). According to the 2000 Austin Chronicle profile (written by his future wife) Medlyn came off as a lunatic in his early performances, many of which were sparsely attended, and involved "music, little routines, and group activities, like having everyone sit in the dark and listen very closely to a song he likes." Medlyn has performed, with Kenny Mellmann, a show of R. Kelly songs (watch him performing one; Google Video); he loves (NSFW) Lionel Richie (whose songs he finds strange and beautiful; watch mpg here); and he wrote a book inspired by his own buttocks (NSFW). Medlyn is currently doing, with Carmine Covelli, a somewhat Peewee Herman-ish video series for Nerve called Neal Medlyn's Land of Make-Believe (NSFW; videos depict group sex, performed by various animal puppets). Here is a 2004 interview with Medlyn. And Medlyn has a Myspace profile.
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I need a pair of Neal's glasses. Stunning.
posted by Blazecock Pileon at 10:01 PM on June 17, 2006

posted by furtive at 10:22 PM on June 17, 2006

I'd love to see a video of that bizzare martha stewart thing.
posted by delmoi at 10:31 PM on June 17, 2006

I like Neal.
posted by wsg at 1:20 AM on June 18, 2006

God bless NYC. It is the promised land, especially for a Texas boy to showcase

And I really love the orange undies, dude. ;)
posted by bim at 6:01 AM on June 18, 2006

Thanks for the link. I dig this guy - wow.
posted by Radio7 at 6:54 AM on June 18, 2006

Andy Kaufman called, he wants his shtick back.
posted by Mr.Encyclopedia at 8:34 AM on June 18, 2006

MetaFilter: Group sex, performed by various animal puppets.
posted by verb at 9:01 AM on June 18, 2006

Cool! I kinda sorta know people who know these people!

I just saw Neil's penis the other day! Awesome!
posted by fungible at 10:07 AM on June 18, 2006

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