Octopussy galore
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Gimmie Gimmie Octopus is apparently a Japanese children's television show from the 1960s.
Yes, it's YouTube, but at least there's no lip synching.
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That orange squash is Mr Blobby's mother? Or is that his father?
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I found myself very upset by what happened to baby octopus.
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that was strange ...
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Teletubbies as directed by Quentin Tarantino after an unpleasant meal at Nobu?

Don't ever f with anteaters while they are trying to read at the park.
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Reminds me of Sid & Marty Krofft's work, but they didn't start making TV until '69.

Whooh, doggies. I'm too young to remember when their stuff was on the air as new, but goodness, stumble across a Sid & Marty marathon in the throes of an acid trip, and you will never look at kid's TV the same.
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I bought this DVD a while ago from one of my favorite places to buy strange things such as this.
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If you are a tomato and your friend is a yellow squash then it is OK to blast your friends with a cannon and, later, tie them up and chop them to pieces with swords. But beware the walrus!

(BTW, more here.)
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Oops, really botched that "more here" link.

Try this instead: more here.
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Totally good!
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Did anybody else read the phrase "Gimme Gimme Octopus" and start humming a certain Jeff Lynne melody?
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Dowlnoad the entire series via BitTorrent

It's really good. A selfish octopus and a peanut are in love with the same whore walrus, in a fauvian land of make-believe. The episodes are three minutes long, and there are 260 of them!
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