What is the world reading?
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What is the world reading? The UNESCO Index Translationum database has over 1.6 million bibliographical entries of translated works. Interesting stats such as: The worlds Top 50 translated authors. The Top 10 translated Norwegian authors (or other languages). Number of translations for any given book. Some surprising results, lots to explore, and an interesting lesson on what sells.
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Note: bibliographical records sadly only go back to 1979 so this is not meant to be definitive, but highly representative, and significant for the modern reader. Robinson Crusoe for example lists 796 records between 1979 and 2006 - yet there were known to be 700 by the end of the 19th century - but then how useful is it to know there are tons of out of print rare-book translations.
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The first link goes back to MeFi.
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I do this so you don't have to.
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Cool. I love that the top translated authors include Lenin, Verne and Enid Blyton. But what's up with Jakob Grimm having 3 more books in translation than Wilhelm Grimm? Matt Damon must be so pissed.
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What's up with Rudolf Steiner being in the top 50? I can't believe he's that popular.
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From a linguistic geek standpoint, I absolutely love how they decided to list everyone using their names as properly written/pronounced in their native languages, then romanized. Papa Joannes Paulus II, Фёдор Достое́вский, Πλάτων... it's enough to make it feel like a global culture or something.
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Blacklite - how do you get the mouseover effect? Very well done.
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Well, I'm reading "How Soccer Explains the World."

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blah: highlight it, right click and choose 'view selection source'

He used acronym tags.
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The top 50 looks like the what you would find in a small used book store in the countryside: Christie, Asimov, Maclean, Hemingway, with a slew of chestnuts like Conan Doyle, Jules Verne and, heh, "N. T. Biblia".

And the most translated comic is Asterix...? (René Goscinny) I would never have guessed.
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Barbara Cartland is all but out of print in the UK last I checked. Is she still being widely read in translation somewhere else?
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the first three most translated 'authors' in the USA are Bibles, the first three in the UK are quite different.
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Super cool! The only writer in Irish that I've read, Flann O'Brien, tops that language's list, but every other top 10 list that I've looked at so far has been full of surprises. For example, Borges more widely translated than Cervantes? That's funny.

I'm still reading the last link, but this is a great post, stbalbach.
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