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OperaTube: a large collection of opera videos on YouTube and part of the OperaMP3 weblog.
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thanks for this, turbodog.

unfortunately this collection is rather slim, and seems to only highlight artists that are either popular, or big-name contemporary singers. There are soooo many more gems floating around youtube of extremely rare performances that just aren't listed here, ones that have been pulled off of broadcasts from the 50s and 60s at ROH, Bayreuth, La Scala, La Fenice, etc...

nonetheless, i can't complain about any link that includes live performances of juan diego florez, my peruvian crush. also i see that they link LaCieca's collection, which is very cool.
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As noted, a good start, but most of all an appetite whetter.

Many thanks
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Eleven straight minutes of Callas on youtube! Very cool. Site bookmarked - thanks, turbodog.
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btw, there is a load of misinformation and lazy guessing attributed to many of these arias. (One user titles Dessay's performances of Les oiseaux dans la charmille from Les Contes d'Hoffmann as the "Doll Song")
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Actually I've posted to YouTube a pretty sizable plurality of the videos included on OperaTube (yes, I'm that "lacieca"), and I've tried to include some fairly unusual and arcance material... for example

Martha Modl and Ramon Vinay in Tristan und Isolde, conducted by Leonard Bernstein.

Antonietta Stella in Un ballo in maschera

Anja Silja in Berg's Lulu

Mariella Devia and Marcelo Alvarez in Lucrezia Borgia

The only performance video of soprano Zinka Milanov

"Over the Rainbow" sung by Renata Scotto

And a scene from Elektra with Leonie Rysanek and Dame Gwyneth Jones
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(yes, I'm that "lacieca")

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well, La Cieca, your youtube collection obviously stands above the rest...well worth the visit, and some rare gems here.

...i'm also on the MET SR boards, and have come across your stream linked there as well. The problem is that we get innundated with weekly youtube links of very rare and bootleg clips that always seem to surface, and as i've already seen yours + the ones on SR, it now takes a lot to impress me ;)
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Heh I've been playing with Opera 9 and assumed that this was about the browser
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about friggn time
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Wow. This is why I come to MeFi. Thanks, turbodog.
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