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The tradition of the Regimental Goat extends as far back as 1775 and the Battle of Bunker Hill, if not earlier. Canada's own Batisse IX is said to be a direct descendant of Tibetan goats presented by the Shah of Persia to Queen Victoria in 1884. Ask any regimental goat and they will tell you they are well respected, but military discipline can be severe when the regimental goat steps out of line.
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In the early 90s Canada's (or more precisely the Royal 22e Regiment's) goat was subject to budget cuts (embeded video), but you'll be happy to know he got his job back not too long after that.
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For Smedleyman (any other screwtop MeFi'ers out there?):

Of interest also is the origin of the American Naval mascot, a goat, which was originally given by the Royal Welch to the United States Marine Corps...
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Bad goat! No, um, goat biscuit!
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But does it faint in the face of danger?
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That's gotta be a bitch.
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I enjoyed this post. Nice job, furtive.
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given by the Royal Welch to the United States Marine Corps

That's Welsh. You don't want to open a whole can of worms.
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I'm hearing the conversation between welshmen in the regiment:

"The goad made a right mess of eh-tall, he did!"

"'Tis no wonder they're demoting the goad. Blooday mess indeed!"
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OK, that was cool.

furtive gets a gold star.
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Wait until you see my post on Dixie Cups.

As an aside: holy crap!
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My high school mascot was a goat. The Billies in Pleasant Hill, Oregon. Yeah, funny joke. Pleasant Hill Billies.

We had a goat as a mascot but had the good sense to not try to get it to march. Instead it was usually tethered to a tire at football games or was a student in a goat costume, (untethered).

No indication that the goat handler would receive a demotion or if the goat would have to give up his two cigarettes a day, (he eats them both).

Well crafted post, furtive.
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Since the goat's demotion, soldiers of a lower rank are no longer expected to salute Billy as a sign of respect.

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Very nicely done, furtive. I'd seen the story, and chuckled, but you found excellent material to flesh it out. Interview with Auntie Beeb, indeed!
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