One of Leonard Nimoy's Lesser known works.
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One of Leonard Nimoy's Lesser known works. Although "Leonard Nimoy Demonstrates the Magnavision Videodisc Player" wasn't previously on my to-see list, this reviewer has certainly changed my mind! [Note: Both ludicrous and irrelevant]
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I donno, Leonard Maltin gives it only 1 1/2 stars.
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I love Brent Jones' review of the film: "Nimoy pursues the evil lord Buster Betamax across the globe in one of the bloodiest yet truly gratifying media player demonstrations ever." I can only dream of writing stuff this funny.

Leonard Maltin gave the blockbuster spectacular Attack of the Killer Tomatoes only one and a half stars too when it plainly deserves at least one and three quarters. He can kiss my bohiney.
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zachsmind, if you enjoy funny reviews, don't forget Family Circus books.
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What the heck is that thing doing in the IMDB? I guess they really are trying for completeness now.
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I think my favorite part is:

"If you like this title, we also recommend...
Laserdisc: How it Works (1980) (V)"
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Where are the QuickTimes?
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Btw, I was joking.
Well, it being included in imdb makes sense. Sure it's called internet movie database, but, they do have all the sitcoms and straight-to-video releases and shows and such. So, basically all the works the person has done should be included, like Jeremy Iron's doing a BBC voice. heh.
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aaron, i don't know if you clicked on the miscellaneous link on the IMDB page, but there are some photos of Nimoy promoting the item - but unfortunately no movie clips...

Perhaps that would make for a good geek game. One person mentions a celebrity and the other person has to name the piece of technology that they promoted. Alan Alda? George Plimpton? Carson Daly? Um, I guess limit that to older ads...
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At the library where I used to work there was a book of Leonard Nimoy poetry. They were like:
I am
I am ready
I am ready to love
I am ready to love and be loved.
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All you need to do is become a member, and you too can submit a work for inclusion.

The fact that the administrators cashed in with Amazon kinda took all the fun out of being a contributor, though.
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I don't even know who or what a Carson Daly is, let alone what it might be promoting, so no reason to strike that name from the list...
posted by kindall at 6:31 PM on January 14, 2001

Trust us, Kindall, there's plenty of reason. ;)

And check out Spock with the moustache! Sexy M.F. indeed!
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