Not Just for Ice Cream
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Not Just for Ice Cream : Breath Palette offers 32 flavors of toothpaste.
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Better living through chemistry.
posted by Mr. Six at 7:24 PM on June 26, 2006

I have the pumpkin pie flavor (#30)... It's okay, but I'm sticking with Crest vanilla mint. Cinnamon Rush is good too.
posted by sdrawkcab at 7:24 PM on June 26, 2006

Now we can all have hot monkey banana breath!

I notice they have a grapefruit flavor, so you can have a signature breath fragrance.
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I love curry, but the notion of curry-flavored toothpaste fills me with horror.
posted by lekvar at 7:29 PM on June 26, 2006

Wow, can I buy this product? Excellent! What are some other cool products I can buy?
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It seems like the "menthol finish" would kind of clash with flavors like, oh, say, the Indian Curry? Also, I tend to enjoy brushing my teeth to remove the flavor of food, not add it. Although I have tried both ginger-flavored and fennel-flavored toothpastes that I quite enjoyed, so maybe I need to be more open-minded.

And I am oddly drawn to the name.
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As much as I long for my own signature breath-fragrance... I don't think my husband wants me to taste like a grapefruit.

If I really wanted to piss him off though, I'd get pineapple. He hates pineapple.
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Ooh, as advertised in Oprah Magazine! It must be a really interesting product then.
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Indian Curry?
posted by chasing at 7:41 PM on June 26, 2006

Does it come in Pepsi Blue flavour?
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No Bourbon Flavor?
posted by jonmc at 7:50 PM on June 26, 2006

Darn, if only they had Thai curry. Oh well.
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Burnt sienna ... ?
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My boss must be using the 32nd flavor, Coffee n' Halitosis.
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solid-one-love: You're in luck. Flavor #31 is Cola.
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I tried the peach and Fuji apple flavors, because they sounded like the best things ever. Turned out they kind of sucked, though.

However, the mouthwashes are nice and quite refreshing.
posted by feathermeat at 8:17 PM on June 26, 2006

The word, halitosis, was first coined by Listerine.

Tongue scrapers are great for a fresh mouth.

The breath palette (great name) flavors:

1 Sweet Salt
2 Tropical Pineapple
3 Peppermint
4 Fresh Yogurt
5 Green Tea
6 Rose
7 Monkey Banana
8 Honey
9 Kiwi Fruit
10 Cafe au Lait
11 Plum
12 Fuji Apple
13 Vanilla
14 Indian Curry
15 Strawberry 16 California Orange
17 Kyoto Style Tea
18 White Peach
19 Japanese Plum
20 Lavender
21 Darjeeling Tea
22 Cinnamon
23 Grape
24 Lemon Tea
25 Bitter Chocolate
26 Blueberry
27 Caramel
28 L’Espresso
29 Grapefruit
30 Pumpkin Pudding
31 Cola

Indian toothpastes have amazing flavors, like neem (bitter) and pomegranate.

There's a good, authentically Indian, turmeric toothpaste.

Been all over the planet, used lots of different toothpastes, I love Parodontax. It's a complex flavor, salty/sweet cinnamon. I found it in Amsterdam. It's exceptionally good for gingivitis. One tube lasts many months. Available online at SmallFlower.
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I find it appalling that there are - not one, but two - coffee type flavors of this toothpaste. Coffee-breath is part of what makes me need to brush in the first place!

I was freaked out enough with the Crest Vanilla was like brushing with frosting.
posted by tastybrains at 8:24 PM on June 26, 2006

Um, make that: Coffee-breath is part of what makes me need to brush so much in the first place. I do believe in frequent brushing regardless of coffee-breath.
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I was underwhelmed by many flavors of Rembrandt toothpaste. As I returned to Crest I wondered if I am pre-conditioned to minty flavors by advertising and/or familiarity.
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I have the monkey banana one!! It's much more banana than it is monkey, I'm sad to say. I don't brush my teeth with it. I have it mostly for the novelty value and to occasionally eat a dab of it to get the banana (sans monkey) taste.
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via Ironic Times
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...cerulean blue...
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I'm still looking for a fluoride containing toothpaste without mint/menthol. I hate mint, and .

I bought Prodent liquorice toothpaste 5 years ago in the Netherlands, which was perfect, but they stopped making that. Tried a lot of other brands/varieties, but they either contain mint (almost all of them) or they don't have fluoride in them (the nature store has those, apparently mint is not good if you take homeopathic "medicine"). And my teeth need fluoride. And no I can't use a fluoride mouthwash, because it contains... Mint.

The result is that I don't brush my teeth very often. Fortunately I don't have a bad breath, but isn't good for my tooth decay.
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I bought one in a gift and card store in Tempe, Arizona last fall. Have also seen them in Japan. Sadly, they don't live up to the promise--the flavor is very, very mild, almost not there. At least the one I bought, which I believe was grapefruit.
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kika - have you checked out children's toothpastes? I know that Tom's of Maine has children's fluoride toothpastes in flavors like strawberry & orange that have no mint. It should be available in Canada, as well, or you can order it online from a bunch of places.
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kika, there's also Fructodent. I'm a big fan of the Lemon and Sage flavor. The Tom's of Maine kids toothpaste kind of gross me out. Although I've only tried the strawberry, my mouth just didn't feel clean. It does with the Fructodent.

I love weirdly flavored toothpaste.
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Huh. They don't have any that are Sea Fresh.(scroll to the very bottom)
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I have the cola flavor, it's good.
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Wow, Ruby, Fructodent has mint & chocolate toothpaste! Dessert & oral hygeine in one!

Just as a side note, after posting about the strawberry toothpaste, I did notice that Tom's of Maine makes other mint-free flavors for adults, like fennel (weird!), cinnamon-clove, and apricot. They have a flavor-guide here.

Browsing toothpaste flavors is a great new hobby for an insomniac like me.
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I like the idea of cola-flavoured toothpaste. I can drink soda to rot my teeth, then brush them with cola flavouring! Ditto for caramel, honey, et al. The lavender one frightens me, though. Eeuch.
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kika, I have the same problem as you and I am a big fan of Tom's of Maine. I highly recommend the minty-free strawberry and orange-mango. (Especially the latter.)

That said, I'm bookmarking this site for the next time I'm having a hard time finding more orange-mango. I like that someone else out there appreciates that we aren't all fans of Minty Fresh Mouth. (Honestly, you know how mint just kills anything else you taste for awhile? Why on earth do y'all like that in your mouth before breakfast?)
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I have to admit, I'm most interested in Flavour 0, which they claim can be used by sommeliers and cooks to re-establish their palate. I drink a lot of the vino, and getting the taste out of your mouth with a mint toothpaste is awful (and impossible if you're at a wine tasting).
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Meatbomb: What are some other cool products I can buy?

With 32 flavors? Not too many.
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What is it with Americans and flavoured toothpaste? Toothpaste should come in one flavour only. Mint. Anything else is just plain wrong.
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Cholly, don't be a commie.
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Cholly, the product is from Japan, and is just now being released and marketed in the United States.
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Ditto sdrawkcab, pumpkin pie was a disappointment. =( The tubes are also approximately "travel size", so I felt awful spending such a ridiculous amount of money on a personal product.
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Interesting idea. For those of you that have one you like... do you find yourself wanting to eat it?
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My dentist is always shocked at how clean my teeth are when I come in for checkups -- thanks, Tom's of Maine! (plug, plug, pluggity plug -- I *love* the stuff). Cinnamint, yum. The new orange mango is decent, too.
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(Honestly, you know how mint just kills anything else you taste for awhile? Why on earth do y'all like that in your mouth before breakfast?)

Why would you brush your teeth before breakfast, only to pollute them with food? Couple hours later the leftovers wedged in your molars are gonna start eating your enamel and stinking-up your breath.
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