January 14, 2001
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Country house anarchy. Seminal anarcho-punks CRASS go the Blogger route, and reluctantly call in some good will. More details
posted by ceiriog (8 comments total)
What does £80,000 work out to in US $'s?

Despite the fact that they are gigantic hippies, I have always liked Crass. It seems to me if they were willing to play a couple of US shows they would make a decent chunk of what they need. What kind of interest is there in Europe for old punk rock? I had a friend who was recording in England for a few months, and he said despite his active searching, the only rock he was able to locate was Man or Astroman passing through on tour.

I think I have spent all the money I ever plan to on Crass already. Hell, I doubt there are more than 15 people out of the 3000 people on Metafilter who even know who they are. Might be time for the band to start house hunting. I bet Kurt Cobain would bail them out if Courtney hadn't killed him... oh well.
posted by thirteen at 11:03 PM on January 14, 2001

That's nearly $120K US.

And my guess is that there's way more than 15 people here who are aware of Crass.
posted by gluechunk at 12:15 AM on January 15, 2001

posted by thirteen at 12:24 AM on January 15, 2001

people that is. I should have been clearer. People who own a record or two, could name a song, etc.
posted by thirteen at 12:34 AM on January 15, 2001

Well, there's you, me and gluechunk, that makes 15 already.

I'd guess they need to raise enough to put a deposit down - rather than raise the whole £80,000 in one fell swoop.

Maybe they could call in a favour from Bjork.
posted by ceiriog at 8:39 AM on January 15, 2001

The caption for the first link says "CRASS attempt to buy the house they've rented for 30 years." My first reaction was, who's renting it, and why is their attempt so crass?
posted by kindall at 9:49 AM on January 15, 2001

Mark me down as one of the elusive 150. Spent last weekend listening to CHRIST-The Album.

Gosh, they were good.
posted by red cell at 10:18 PM on January 15, 2001

Update: it's good news, sort of.

At the auction on 23rd January the winning bid went to someone who we believe stepped in to help us. We are now negotiating with them and it looks like the house could be ours by the middle of February. The bidding went higher than we hoped and finished at £158,000, an enormous amount of money and one that sadly reflects current market prices for anywhere in the south of England.

The site also gives details of some fund-raising events.
posted by ceiriog at 7:55 AM on January 29, 2001

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