"We Wrote this one back in 1444"
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The Jimi Hendrix Spoken Word Tape as found by Station Manager Ken at WFMU. A collection of onstage ramblings, interviews and rehearsals.
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If whatever kingdom I end up ruling keeps lists of national treasures, WFMU will certainly be on it.
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Word. Why is it 9 times out of 10 the good media bits always come out of WFMU? Bless you, WFMU!
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Thank you for turning me onto WFMU. I just spent the better part of an hour looking through their site and listening to the live stream. Excellent stuff.
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What was hendrix's connection to the smothers brothers? He mentions them several times.
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Ah yes, I see that we meet again.

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Thank you.
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Thanks wheelieman, can't wait to listen to this later today - and to dig into that very fun looking WFMU blog. Great post!
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subtle_squid, I have a ton of recordings (including the great Sessions box set) that include interviews with friends, family, and fellow musicians and producers who worked with him. I distinctly remember a story about the Smothers Brothers on one of those interviews. I'll try and track it down for you.
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I have a live show recording where Hendrix talks about the Smothers Brothers too - I just assumed he was a fan.

And be sure & check out the WFMU archives. Tons of great stuff there.
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Thank you
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I was listening to wfmu since before the internet..I can't tell you how much I love it. It's made life worth lving on more than one occasion.
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You all hand me that bottle, and I'll sing you all a real song.
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Thanks for the ultracool post, wheelieman.

The Beautiful People album If 60's were 90's has a lot of Jimi's stage/interview banter. Of course the whole album basically consists of shuffled snippets of Jimi's riffs and vocals combined with new backing rhythms to essentially produce new songs. It's one of my favorite albums.
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