The King and Caroline
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Reading up on Sealand's recent fire, I came across Bob Le-Roi's excellent site which covers all manner of information about the English offshore sea forts and various pirate radio squatter groups that utilized them once they were abandoned by HMG -- amazing coverage, really. Lots of candid photos aboard. Warning: 1996-style design.
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That's a really cool site, and this quote:

"Sealand's royal family today pledged to rebuild its country & to repair all the damage caused by the fire which devastated half of the independent kingdom."

from the first link, is gold!
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(See also.)

A major, and acknowledged, influence on Archigram's Walking City.
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These are pretty cool, too.
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Maybe "having your own fire department" should be one of the criteria for being a sovereign nation.

I kid because I love. God save Prince Roy of Sealand!
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I've always been a huge fan of Sealand and the whole independent artificial island nation thing, but those photos make it look like a pretty dismal place to live...
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They've sure got the language of politics and obfuscation down!

which has crippled its infrastructure significantly . . . damage was limited to about a third of the main administrative and communal facilities.

Oh, yeah, and: Sabotage or terrorist activities have been ruled out at this stage.

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Didn't Sealand & HavenCo basically amount to a big tree fort? I read that the guy that was supposed to be the brains behind HavenCo bailed on it because it was a huge joke and there weren't any customers.

Ah, the article from the founder.
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Maybe "having your own fire department" should be one of the criteria for being a sovereign nation.

I was thinking the same thing. Perhaps they should take aid from the UN to pay back England for the fire services. Also, I was investing in the Sealand Dollar and now I am nearly bankrupt as the currency tanked in afterhours trading.

Im hoping with the rebuild of the sovreign nation will rebuild my finances.
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