Better than "Choose Your Own Adventure"
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Project Aon is the internet-based revival of the Lone Wolf series of fantasy gamebooks, first published in 1984 and now in the process of being released online (with the authour's blessing); also available is an atlas, colouring book, and graphic novel. There is also a new traditional RPG being published in dead-tree form.
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I've enjoyed the books for 20 years, still have them, and when I discovered this site, actually swore out loud in glee.

And remember, in the first book, if you want to get that Crystal Pendant (used in several of the later books), pick Sixth Sense as one of your starting disciplines...
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I'm pretty certain the mongoose rpg's been out at least two years ...
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I never read the originals but this looks great - glad you posted it. Thanks.
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I *did* read the originals. The needle just broke off my Nostalgometer. Thanks.
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What BackwardsCity and the OP said... I practically grew up on these books and their non-interactive counterparts. I completely dug the rich setting that these books were based in. Thank you so much.
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Still got Chasm of Doom on my bookshelf...
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Awesome. I had exactly one of these that was rescued from a Toys R Us bargain bin. It was great except there were some vital pages missing towards the end of the adventure, forever forestalling my quest.

Forestalled no longer!
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Oh, man, these were awesome. Does anyone else remember the paired books where you and a friend would duke it out in a dungeon or on what I recall as planes?
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FYI, datapacrat: "author" is one of those words we don't put a u in. Happy Canada day weekend.
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boo_radley: There were a couple of dungeon-combat ones; however, I'm fairly sure that the planes one you're thinking of is Ace of Aces.
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boo_radley: see also Combat Heroes. These stuck in my head more than any other Dever books.
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kick ass! i loved these books in the fifth grade.
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Loved these. Also, Steve Jackson's Sorcery! series
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boo_radley writes "Oh, man, these were awesome. Does anyone else remember the paired books where you and a friend would duke it out in a dungeon or on what I recall as planes?"

If you mean "planes" as a D&D geek would think of them, TSR had some books that were two-person Choose Your Own Adventure deals; results were generated by each person picking a number and then referencing a table on the back of the book to get a quasi-random number. Most of the ones I had were D&D, but there were also Marvel Super-Heroes ones...
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Similar to Ace of Aces was Lost Worlds, where you were fighting an opponent (Knight with Sword, Cleric with Mace, Dragon, etc.). Not much movement, no real setting, just maneuvering and fighting. A very cool concept. Is that what you were thinking of, boo_radley?

I found the first three Lone Wolf books at a Half Price Books. Very cheap. Still haven't tried them -- I (for once in my life) get enough face-to-face gaming. But it's good to have them, just in case.

Looks like no one has linked to Demian's Gamebooks Page, aka, yet. A great site, filled with lots of good info.

Personally, I prefer the Middle Earth Quest ones. Movement was less linear and combat was more complex. I'd also like to try Highway Warrior.
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no discussion of gamebooks should be without a link to home of the underdogs' repository of gamebooks in pdf format.
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Anything tagged "vashna" gets ++ from me. Good memories.
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Great links! Thanks for this post. I'd never seen these before, and I suppose I'll have something to do during the family BBQ this year besides time the awkward silences.
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