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Lance gets into the act, feigning humor, just grazing bitterness on the way to the kitchen. Wouldn't we all like to be bloggered?
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken (9 comments total)
Hopefully he'll set up a graphic telling how much "greed" Lance recieves.
posted by toastcowboy at 11:33 PM on January 14, 2001

Neale's been doing it for quite sometime now.
posted by riffola at 11:54 PM on January 14, 2001

And proud of it. Hell, you'll be able to vote for me at SXSW for it. I'd like to see Lance bare his butt.
posted by Neale at 1:19 AM on January 15, 2001

Lance is a bit goofy.

He doesn't have to call it glassdog.GREED or whatever. He could call it


posted by tranquileye at 5:12 AM on January 15, 2001

How about:
posted by Calebos at 5:58 AM on January 15, 2001

Would Neale make more money by offering not to show his butt if he gets paid?
posted by harmful at 6:07 AM on January 15, 2001

If you want to see my butt, I'll pay you.
posted by tranquileye at 6:51 AM on January 15, 2001

If the offer is high enough I'll never show my butt on the web again. Let the bidding begin.
posted by Neale at 2:40 PM on January 15, 2001

I should have never sent you that damned deepleap sticker, Neale.
posted by adam at 3:10 PM on January 15, 2001

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