Good Grief Charlie Brown
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Its a rare 1962 Peanuts album recording from Charles Schulz. The first Peanuts comic strip was originally printed on October 2nd, 1950 and in 1962 Charles Shulz wrote an entire album featuring the gang released by Columbia Records. In 1965, he moved into TV with the brilliant Charlie Brown Christmas Special. Nearly 50 TV specials have been made since, but lately with the help of media sharing portals like Youtube, The Gang has gotten several NSFW remakes (youtube filter)
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I see you can still hear "Hey, ya, Charlie Brown" online. Funniest thing I ever saw online.
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Whilst digging around YouTube I was suprised at how many Snoopy shorts are available. Some of them are nearly stomach churning...
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Hey I grew up listening to that stupid album, over and over. Remembering those songs now, it must've driven my parents crazy.
How rare is it I wonder? Could I perchance sneak home and swipe it (my guess is it's still sitting alongside the John Denver and Steeleye Span LPs), sell it on EBay and then retire on the proceeds? Exxcccellent.
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That Black Charlie Brown remix of the Christmas special was off the hook. "Yo, get that shrub some Viagra!"

Thanks for the links.
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That Halloween Special is awesome!!!
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Lucy, every males first clear image of a diehard misandrist.
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Of course, the BEST Lucy was always played by ... .

/oooo-ooo, I had SUCH a crush ....
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RavinDave, you just made my day with that link.
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That Hey Ya video makes me undeniably happy.
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RavinDave said, "I had SUCH a crush.."

Wow. Hadn't thought about that face in years. What kid growing up in the 1970s didn't have a crush on her? I also had a crush on Melissa Gilbert and Kristy McNichol. ...I'm not proud of it.
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