Pyro Boy
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Don't try this at home.
Pyro Boy wraps himself in pyrotechnics and ignites them so you don't have to. Happy 4th.
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I didn't see any pyroboy but this was interesting:
It was supposed to be a record-breaking show in which a stuntman freed himself after being 'hanged' on live TV.

But Channel 4 faces investigation by media watchdogs after the daredevil failed to escape.
posted by mischief at 6:52 PM on July 4, 2006

MetaFilter: I didn't see any pyroboy but this was interesting
posted by wendell at 7:43 PM on July 4, 2006

Re: Hanging Guy
posted by wendell at 7:49 PM on July 4, 2006

Pyro boy ignites himself (embedded quicktime)

Ok, so it's not *that* great. I claim irrationality until my pain meds kicked in.
posted by mecran01 at 7:51 PM on July 4, 2006

Goodwin added: "I was told it was dangerous and stupid and it turns out that the advice was right."
posted by mischief at 7:57 PM on July 4, 2006

"You knew the job was dangerous when you took it" - Superchicken
posted by wendell at 9:51 PM on July 4, 2006

Sorta reminds me of what Joe Coleman used to do back in The East Village first for fun and then later in the movie Mondo New York.

He'd walk into a bar, deliberately pick a fight with a crowd of guys and when they were ready to pounce on him he'd open his coat to reveal row up on row of largish firecrackers which he'd immediately light up.

Guaranteed to clear the place out.
posted by Mutant at 10:49 PM on July 4, 2006

Wow, what an annoying website.
posted by Meccabilly at 12:46 AM on July 5, 2006

I struggled to find any pyrotechnics too, but on the way ran into this, probably the best Flickr photoset I've ever seen.
posted by grahamwell at 2:50 AM on July 5, 2006

That is a great photoset. I bet I could take pictures that good if I had a $1,500 Canon eos d20 and really cool looking tattooed friends who wore lots of leather.

/camera envy.
posted by craniac at 9:44 AM on July 5, 2006

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