Pirated LOTR trailer.
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Pirated LOTR trailer. But only the sit-in-cinema-with-camcorder-hope-I-don't-get-caught type way. A textural description. Not officially available online until the 19th. It's 2.4 megs, Quicktime 4 required. Aliens bless the Internet.
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Heh. From the titles ("My first pirated movie"), it looks like it was made with iMovie. BTW, I've seen this trailer in theaters twice now, and it looks pretty awesome. It doesn't show the whole movie; just enough to whet your appetite.

If nothing else, LOTR is going to look good. From what the trailers have shown, especially with that final shot, it looks like these films will have a nice "big-screen" feel to them. I caught Peter Jackson's "The Frighteners" on video the other day, and I had forgotten just how good that movie looked. Every shot was well-lit and exposed in an exacting manner that brought out every minute highlight and shadow detail. And unlike most movies being made today, the framing actually made good use of the wide screen. Looks like LOTR is being done in the same style.
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I just happened to be looking at the IMDB entry for Ian Holm a couple of days ago and he is listed as playing the role of Bilbo in the first and third movies. Holm is short but by no means is he a dwarf; so it seems as if he may be providing a voice. Are the hobbits animated a la Jarjar Binks? Given how central the hobbits are, presumably at least one of them appears in the trailer. What do they look like?

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All the characters are played by actors. They will be digitally 'resized', I believe.
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There's more about the techniques involved at the sfx pages on theonering.net
Here's a direct link to the answer.
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The original trailer is already available online( although i had trouble finding where with all the hype about the new trailer. here's one Real Player link and if that doesn't work, here's the official site i got it off of.). it shows the 'resized' hobbits. they actually look surprisingly effective.
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Anyone who doubts Peter Jackson's abilities should check out Heavenly Creatures, his film about a true tale of murder from New Zealand's history. The use of fantasy sequences with a variety of techniques seamlessly blended with live action and ordinary storytelling, not to mention a masterful attention to accents as an indicator of social origin and place, all bode well for the LOTR series.
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I found the LOTR teaser trailer disappointing. Of the whole trailer (only about a minute and a half long), a third of it was graphics and animations about the movie, instead of from it. Maybe that's a good thing, though. Anyway, it was too short and really didn't give you any information about the movie. I guess knowing it's LOTR is enough.

They picked really good actors for all the parts though. They all look like they should. ;)
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