Lorraine Hunt Lieberson dies at 52
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Lorraine Hunt Lieberson mezzo-soprano, voice, human, wife, died on Monday at the age of 52. (more inside)
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One of my favorite of her recordings is Bach's Cantata no. 82, "Ich Habe Genug" (full English text). The depth of feeling she brings to the piece really cuts today...

"Rejoicing do I greet my death,
Ah, would that it had come already.

I'll escape then all the woe
Which doth here in the world confine me."
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la divina!

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this is horrible news. She had so many performances for next season already, including the title of Orpheus in Gluck's Orfeo ed Euridice (with Jimmy conducting) at the MET. In fact, you can still (eerily) see the MET's promo for her still billed in the upcoming performance.

more chilling is a blurb from someone on a board I frequent dating from June 18, 2006:

>>"In today's NY Times there is a small bit that Lieberson has cancelled the rest of this year's appearances for personal reasons. This includes the projected concert of Handel arias at Tanglewood. Her representative is quoted as saying there were no specifics and people should not jump to conclusions."

anyway, more here: the NYTimes obit.
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She was too young to die. I remember falling in love with her voice when she both performed and recorded the title role of Charpentier's MedeƩ. What a wonderful musician; she will be missed. A very sad day this is.
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I discovered her older Handel Arias disc a number of years ago and have been a great admirer ever since.
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Too soon, too soon!

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Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit. A good, brave mezzo gone. This sucks.
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