Too Many Chiefs Piss In The Broth.
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When it comes to collaborative art projects, the internet is kind of a mixed bag. Now with TheBroth, that bag gets a whole lot mixier.
posted by absalom (11 comments total)
Man. The current mood there perfectly captures the assholishness that seems to permeate these things.
posted by cortex at 5:40 PM on July 5, 2006

Seemed too chaotic at first, but after sticking around some order presents itself. The gallery has interesting results.
posted by yeti at 5:40 PM on July 5, 2006

At least it's not all cocks 'n' swastikas, like that scratchpad site always ended up being, but still, frustrating to play with.
posted by interrobang at 6:22 PM on July 5, 2006

I ♥ MF!
posted by Ryvar at 6:46 PM on July 5, 2006

he he

I think we just owned quonsar
posted by jmgorman at 6:49 PM on July 5, 2006

yeah, nice try quonsar
posted by jpf at 6:49 PM on July 5, 2006

kinda fun, i'm working on a hairline hat thing i think : >
posted by amberglow at 7:02 PM on July 5, 2006

Fun. I always enjoy playing with these things for 10 minutes or so.

The most curious aspect for me is the eerie nature of people who don't know each other suddenly, spontaneously deciding to work together - and when it happens it's often in a short burst of purpose, even if it's only to spell out 'FUCK'.

I'm also intriugued by the anti-individual nature in these things - no-one seems to mind people playing about, but if someone tries to take up a little space, or write their name, the collective becomes determined to quash their attempts.

But why do none of these things give you the option to watch previous creations emerge, at 5/10/x times the speed? The emergence of patterns is the most interesting thing about these, but when simply playing live, there is often little going down.
posted by MetaMonkey at 7:33 PM on July 5, 2006

yeah, nice try quonsar

posted by homunculus at 9:18 PM on July 5, 2006

you had to be there.
posted by crunchland at 10:47 PM on July 5, 2006

Mixier is not a word.
posted by nlindstrom at 10:40 AM on July 6, 2006

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