So I was checking out the Windows 2000 compatibility site,
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So I was checking out the Windows 2000 compatibility site, and the first step in determining if your system will be ok with the new OS is identifying your computer. When you go to the first upgrade page, you have to identify your computer by manufacturer, but the site only lists 10 different PC makers. Ten PC makers!?! I don't know if Microsoft knows this, but there are things called "clones" out there, and there are "millions" of different manufacturers of them. My computer's not in the list, even though it's from a prominent manufacturer, I guess the compatibility website isn't compatible with my computer.
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Microsoft sucks. 'Just say no' to Win2000.
posted by greyscale at 10:04 AM on January 18, 2000

In my experience Windows 2000 is A Good Thing(tm). Not only is it much nicer than previous versions of Windows (as a long time Mac and UNIX user I say that it is the first Windows I've found acceptable for use), but it is a lot more stable. I've installed it on all sorts of unsupported machines. It's happy good. The only trick is finding drivers if you have goofy non-standard hardware. As always, backup early and often.

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thanks for the tip Faisal, I went ahead and upgraded, and although it wiped out my favorites and reset my desktop environment, it seems fine. No crashes so far. Everything was recognized on install, even my weirdo graphics card running my SGI flat panel. Novell networking seems to be tanked though. Oh well, I rarely print anyway.
posted by mathowie at 1:14 PM on January 18, 2000

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