Suction is the female of movement and pressure is the male of movement.
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"Lawsonomy is the knowledge of Life and everything pertaining thereto." The collected works of Alfred Lawson - professional baseball player, aviation pioneer, economist, scientist, theologist, and philosopher - are available to all. [more inside]
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He was, needless to say, a world-class crank. Martin Gardner devoted an entire chapter to him in "Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science", all the way back in 1957.
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After his death, Lawson became one of "Dr" Gene Ray's body thetans. Everything is now explained.
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The book Kooks has a great chapter on him and his many, umm, ideals. Worth a look see if you're into this sort of oddball knowledge.

On preview: you included a Diana Kossy link, but the rest of the book (and website) covers other researchers in the same vein, past and present.
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I always pass by the University of Lawsonomy going south on I-94 around Kenosha. The place never seems to change much over the years. Last I heard, they really had a hard time getting new members and all the old-timers were dying off.
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I dispute the scientist attribute.
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