Happy birthday, Mr President. Here's a present.
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For his 60th birthday, Nintendo of America sends President Bush a present: a DS Lite and a copy of the smash-hit game Brain Age: Train Your Brain In Minutes A Day along with a great covering letter. An astute piece of marketing? An honest gift? Or just a nice bit of guerrilla humour?
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As the proud ownder of a DS Lite and BrainAge, I feel entitled to say:


Actually, I guess voting entitles me to say that. But either way I'm set for the week.
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How could it be a dishonest gift? It's not like they're lying about what they're giving him. I doubt it has a secret mindwipe virus. (but then again, if it did... would we notice? *rimshot*)

Brain Age is a good idea, but I got bored with it fairly quickly... it doesn't advance to new minigames fast enough.
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the idiot just flew over my house on the way to some fundraiser on the north shore Im sure.

My kid and me make a point of running to the back yard to flip off his helo as it passes
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Considering Nintendo wouldn't want to alienate half of the country, I'm guessing it is a completely straight forward gift and marketing gimmick.
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I agree with aburd... A major company like Nintendo (especially with Mr. Il throwing 'dongs in their parents' sea) isn't going to be so subtly to do anything tongue in cheek. I'm sure they've seen the posts on "Mr. Bush's iPod listing, etc." and are trying to capatilize on ANY publicity. I'm sure that they were not quite certain he'd ever played a game, and "Train your Brain" is something you can pop into the DS with zero game experience. It's simply a marketing ploy with no "hahah" intended. Anyone else who thinks different is just hopefully (or hatefully) wishing.
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They probably just wanted to get him a nice gift.
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For Cheney's next birthday they can send him a vintage copy of Duck Hunt.
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Birthday cards for Bush.
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How will he be able to play it?

First he'd have to turn it on, and surely that simple task alone would befuddle him.

Assuming that somehow he manages to turn it on (or if Laura does it for him), he'd then have to read things. And since he's clearly incapable of reading, as evidenced by his inability to read important memos such as those indicating bin Laden was determined to attack the US, he'd fall well short of that in-game requirement too.

And the Stroop Test would be pretty difficult for him to master too, given he can't even pronounce "nuclear" properly.

I predict a brain age somewhere in the high 100s. Poor virtual Dr. Kawashima. He'll never get the chance to cry in reaction to improved results.
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Robot Johnny, that made me laugh hard.

A brain-building game is probably the most appropriate choice for a busy head of state. If I were W, though, I'd feel the way I did when I was 8 and someone got me clothes for my birthday.
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First he'd have to turn it on, and surely that simple task alone would befuddle him.

Well he'd certanly never be able to figure out how to post on metafilter then.
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That's pretty funny, kind of like the baseball game I attended recently in which Barry Bonds was playing for the visiting team; the PSA spot before the game was an anti-steroids bit aimed at young athletes. The difference is that Barry still hits the ball out of the park.
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I wish they'd release Brain Age for the PSP.
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They sent one for my birthday as well.
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I'll trade you Brain Age for LocoRoco and Lumines, mike3k.
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Actually, I'd suggest that a BrainAge game was an almost useless gift for a busy head of state. That's why it's suitable in this particular instance.
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Hopefully W will get Tetris so I can pwn him online.
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i'll trade you brain age for a racist/sexist PSP subway advertisement, mike3k
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Am I not important enough for a free Nintendo? I can declare war on countries who won't give me their oil, too!
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I'm not inviting the Jordanian king to my birthday. He gives rubbish presents.
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Harry: I'm sure it's just me, but I somehow read that as
I'm not inviting the Jordanian king to my birthday. He gives rubbish peasants.
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Stephen Harper (Canada's Prime Minister) gave him a Calgary Stampede belt buckle, which he might acutally use and a RCMP stetson which I can't imagine him wearing, but who knows. They had a meeting right on Bush's bday in the morning. When I heard the report of the gifts on the news it occured to me that it's part of someone's job to go shopping for gifts for dignitaries and heads of state. Weird.
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