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Tom Weir, climber, writer, broadcaster and cult figure, best known for the show 'Weir's Way' has passed away at age 91. Recently honoured for bringing Scotlands environment and its issues to public attention. I'll be climbing a munro in rememberance. RIP.
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A sad loss.

He even had a MySpace profile..
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Fair Isle jumpers and MySpace profiles. The man truely spanned the generations.
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Got fond memories of watching his programmes, still being shown, usually in the early hours. Amazing guy.
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Taught me more about Scotland than any schoolteacher.
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He made me dig out my hiking boots more than once, and the same goes for lots of people I know. That's a fitting memorial for somebody who genuinely loved the outdoors and put that across perfectly. RIP.
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Surely, in this case,


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You were a hell of a guy Tom. Inspiration to get up off my bum.
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