“Oh, my God, they’re going to burn us up!”
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Portraits of the Freedom Riders Eric Etheridge has been taking pictures of people who participated in the Freedom Rides (map) to accompany the people's 1961 mug shots. Some of the photos were in the July 2 issue of the New York Times Magazine, and there are more photos at his web site. Also, an excerpt from a recent book about the rides. [via]
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I wish there were more of the photos, but I guess I can get the book. The portraiture next to the mugshots is interesting as a kind of study of the two different kinds of portraiture. I'm not sure Etheridge's photos come out looking all that great in comparison...I mean, as art.
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These are terrific. I was hoping to see my dad in there, maybe he'll get him in the future.
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Great stuff.

James Farmer, who played a key role in the Freedom Rides and in the civil rights movement, was a professor of mine at Mary Washington a few years back. His class on civil rights was by far one of the most important ones that I took.
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Interesting. What astonishes me is the contrast between my personal reaction and what I know to be true in history. If any of those individuals were to address me, the first words from my lips would be "Ma'am" or "Sir." (In fact, Miss Jackson looks like a friend of my mom).
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What an amazing group of people. I can't imagine having been involved with something so important and meaningful. And I love those "where are they now?" kinds of things.
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