Disused architecture
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Abandonded buildings: photos of.
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If this be a double I shall eat a lettuce heart or drink a litre of C41.
posted by econous at 5:45 PM on July 7, 2006

Are these "HDR" shots? That technique was pretty cool when I first saw it, but it gets really old after a while.
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Sorry, people will only like it if there's a naked japanese woman peeing in each photo.
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Joke. ^
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If not HDR it seems like he's really upping the saturation in these pictures. for example.
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These pictures are brilliant. This guy takes amazing pictures - pretty much every one is strong. Damn cool, thanks
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I really like these. I haven't caught too many art posts but I like this more than the ones I recall catching. Better than the one puke & cry is alluding to...
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My favorite pictures to take are those including deteriorating industrial sites. They are just beautiful.

But for the last thirty years, I have only taken them for my own enjoyment. Despite the beauty of these photos....are there no new (!) subjects for art photography?

I dunno. Nudes haven't gone out of stlye for a century.

It's just that...well, maybe this will be the prevailing standard for art photography for another fifty years. I wouldn't mind. But it's just too easy, IMO.

Are there other barriers to break?
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Wow, some of these are amazing. And I like the photographer's commentary.
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Let me say, that I have a "thing" for rusty cogs, much has the same thing that Saladfingers has for rusty taps.
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On another note: first time I've ever seen my hometown referenced anywhere on the metafilter domain. Neat.
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Hi travosaurus - another Niagara Mefite here. There's a tiny handfull of us.
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The thermal power plant and the Bethlehem Steel mill both have comments from people who worked there, and I haven't even looked at many others. Great stuff like "when they shut down the plant we all had drinks in this room."
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I'm always a sucker for pictures like these - the decay and impermanence of man-made structures. Reminds me of the Urban Exploration sites that are around, too. Thanks for this.
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Having grown up in this area (hello travosaurus and davebush!) and done much more than my fair share of urban exploration there, I am shocked and dismayed that this photographer has yet to enter the crown jewel of WNY/Southern Ontario abandoned buildings, the Buffalo Central Terminal.

While I love the surreal decay of downtown Los Angeles, nothing compares to the rotting industrial hulk that is dear old Buffalo.
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I'm always checking out invisiblethreads.com (I work in Liberty Village where some of his shots are taken). Alot of his shots are taken of places that either no longer exist (Whitby Psych) or have been repurposed (AR Williams) as condo sales offices (although it will eventually become a market). There's another site too in Hamilton, Ontario that's been garnering alot of attention as to whether to tear it down or restore The Lister Block. Check out worksongs, another photoblogger who often shoots with Kendall.
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Sometimes the composition is stunningly good. Particularly in a couple of the derelict shipyard stuff. Sometimes... give it a rest... enough already etc.
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Good god what did the factories get away with in Sudbury, ON? If you missed it, a factory emits a red stream that looks fake as photoshop, but isn't (iron oxide).
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there are some fantastic photos here.
I went off yesterday and enjoyed many of them, and forgot to thank you for posting it in the first place.
so thanks.
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