Also check out the Tango T600
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The Encyclopedia of Strange Vehicles. This is really just an excuse to link to the Fab 1, a car I wish I could drive even once.
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I meant to link to the main page, though. That was kinda dumb.
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As I recall, the fellows on Top Gear did a road test of Fab 1.

The driver hated it. Of course, he went through small English towns where it was wider than some of the houses, so YMMV.

I want to drive away from my wedding in Fab 1.
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Fab 1, a car I wish I could drive even once.

Who hasn't? Also, why didn't anyone tell me that we had Mechs now?
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All of the microcars look like they escaped from Brazil.
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The 1934 McQuay Norris Streamliner is an uglier, four-wheel version of Buckminster Fuller's innovative 1933 three-wheeler, the Dymaxion Car (three were hand-built, and #2 is in the National Automobile Museum in Reno).

Norman Bel Geddes' 1934 Car No. 8 may be the most aerodynamic of the lot, but the Czechoslovakian Tatras of the 1930s are also pretty unique.
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I think that's the first website I've been to in years where I felt compelled to click on every single thing. Good post.
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Yeah, that Fab 1 is really... uh... fucking lame.
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Its a coolgreat site but the Fab 1 scores a 1 out of 10 for me. Nah, I'll take a VW Concept T or a Yami Deinonychus.
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Lady Penelope rocks!

Parker: "I s'pose I'll have to miss my beauty sleep, ma'am"
Penelope: "Poor Parker. And you so need it."
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The website is wrong - FAB 1 in the movie was NOT a Rolls. Rolls refused.
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"The futuristic 6 wheeled Rolls-Royce was built by Ford, and it really drives."

Awkwardly constructed, but I took it to mean the car pretends to be a Rolls-Royce but was built by Ford.
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When walking to & from high school, I used to see both a Messerschmitt and an Isetta. Not in Brazil, either. I also saw a turbine-engined MoPar (probably a '64 Plymouth Fury) a few times. (But not the Chrysler shown here.)
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So how the hell does the car propelled by gravity work?
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Put it on a hill.
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Never mind the cars, the bionic dolphin is where it's at. Although I suppose you'd have to worry about their natural predators, the cybernetic sharks with frickin' lasers attached to their heads :)
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Blasphemy! Goertz didn't design the Z. They've lost all credibility with me.
posted by IronLizard at 5:56 AM on July 8, 2006 the hell does the car propelled by gravity work?

The blonde simply poses by the side of the road with it, and gets picked up. Unlimited mpg, but subject to overheating...

More on Volvo's ECG at Gizmag (additional images.) Think Soap Box Derby for the big boys: it was originally designed for the 2004 Extreme Gravity Racing Series, and won the 2005 race (video links.)
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Holden EFIJY - Sometimes you look at a car and know exactly how it was born. The EFIJY was first sketched out when the designer was twelve, reading Christine under the covers.

Beautiful and evil looking. I'd love one but the other half has banned me. Lucky they'll never make it really... :)
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I need one of these. But then, don't we all?
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As Dipsomaniac points out above, i've seen a bunch of these on Top Gear, including the Ariel Atom 2, for which, i have a deep burning passion.

Nor would i kick a Spyker C8 Spyder out of my garage.

[this is good]
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Oh wow. They have the Warwagon. I actually had one of these pull up next to me outside a Blockbuster video one night about a decade ago. Guy hops out, leaves the door open and the engine running as he ran in to... i dunno, rent an emergency video or something.

My buddy and i stood there looking at it, we both had the same though, 'if we stole this, what could they send after us that could stop us?'

The picture makes it look ugly as sin, but in person there was something really slick about it.
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this jeep is crazy maneuverable but probably didn't need 2 engines.
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twine42: wickedly beautiful and powerful, christine meets her match.
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twine42 writes "Holden EFIJY -"

That is one gorgeous car.
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Good post. Thanks.
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Needs more Big Daddy Roth, though.

(And maybe the Pink Panther limo, and Tommy Ivo's "Showboat" four-engined dragster... one engine per wheel!)
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Loved this bike. Closest I can get to the bike I want (not really the one, but I think you get the idea).
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This would be fun. Top Gear's Clarkson said of it "This had to come from a country where drugs are legal". Partly it would be good because noone would ever ever ask you to help move using a Carver.

My other issues with the movie aside I allways liked the The I, Robot concept car. It'd make parallel parking a cinch for starters, "Allright, line yourself up with the space, now drive sidways untill you're next to the curb".
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I'd settle for one engine per axle.

Excellent post, Castle. Lotsa fun.
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Oops. Here's the link
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I love that Segway Centaur. I want one...
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