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Stevie Ray Vaughn, Part 1 - a great little video documentary made by two Norwegian students as an English project. Part 2, Part 3. (YouTube alert)
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Some vintage clips of the man in his prime: Live in Germany, 1983, part 1 and part 2.
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Their accents are absolutely hilarious. THE WAUGHAN BROTHERS.

I've long held that SRV was the best guitarist ever, period. He also had a way of making even the most absurd outfit awesome.
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Awesome, thank you mjj (it's "Vaughan", by the way /pedantic)!
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crap, I should know that biscotti. That's not pedantic, thanks.
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I still have these horribles memories of "Texas Flood" on expert mode during late night sessions of Guitar Hero.
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What a great project! Stevie's demise, after getting his shit together and coming back so strong, ranks as one of the music world's saddest events, for me at least. I had the good fortune to see him live twice, both times as an opening act (for Dire Straits and Robert Plant) and in both cases he was just on fire and really blew the headliners away. You can see a lot more of SRV from his legendary Austin City Limits performances here (including the full "Tightrope" that ends part two of this documentary and is from his last appearence on the show). Thanks for finding great YouTube content that is actually in sync, madamjujujive!
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"Austin City"...hehe.

"We made it during an english project at school last year, and we know our english This is a documentary about the legendary blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan. We made it during an english project at school last year, and we know our english accent isn't the best! "


O.k. two things. One, it's just Austin...Two, I thought it was funny since the official description ended at "english" the "accent isn't the best!" is hidden by elipses...but the extra words still C&P....curious.

Took me a while to apprecaite SRV, as I grew up in Dallas and got sick of hearing him on Q102 (Classic Rock). I didn't realize till later how spoiled I was.
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Austin City Limits is the name of a PBS tv series. Anyone (almost) who is anyone jump at the chance to perform on it.
It's heyday was in the mid 70' with the Outlaws...Willie, Waylon, Jesse...and the boys.
It is still a great show. Too bad it isn't exported to the rest of the world.
SRV grew up in Duncanville, TX. It's a suburb in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex. My beloved Texas...sigh.....
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Alpine Valley was my "home" concert venue growing up. I didn't see him live, but I knew people who were at that last concert. It's always sad when a cultural icon dies, but a lot of people were shell-shocked by this one.

The ski hill is due south of the amphitheater, more or less, and the pilot should have known to go east first. Who knows why he didn't. It's not exactly prairie, there -- glacial outwash -- but this was like the only prominent hill he could hit for 360 degrees, and he went right into it.

Jimmie gave up his seat to Stevie.
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According to the stories, when Stevie was still cutting heads in his early days, he'd play till the calluses on his fingers tore off, then he superglued them back to his bleeding hands and continued playing through the night. Much respect.
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I heard it was fog that did them in, and power lines, and that a close associate of Mr. Clapton's was also killed in the crash. The pictures of the crash scene in the student film are hard to see. :-(

Austin City Limits is a coveted gig for any musician of that good-music ilk, and the producers of that show are apparently ready for almost anything and have gloriously open minds. It is a jewel in the PBS crown.

Derail: Here is one of my favourite performances from that wonderful TV show, by another favourite guitar-playing son of Austin, Eric Johnson (self link, 48 MB mpeg of Eric Johnson playing "Cliffs of Dover" in 1990 on Austin City Limits). Sorry for the derail madamjujujive. Eric Johnson knew SRV and indeed recorded a lovely tribute to him.

SRV was, simply said, one of the greats. I am lucky to have been the recipient of his spirit and his spit. He gave us his all because he had to and it worked for so many on so may levels. He really was a hard worker and, despite his addiction and alcoholism, it showed and he managed to maintain a huge guitar technique. And for wannabees like me the technique counts. That is how we learn and in that respect he was truly overwhelming and friendly.
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There is a line about that in the documentary that madamjujujive linked to, C_D. I'm sure it is true.
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er, add .com after my domain if you are interested. :-( Fucking red wine.
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Im not sure if it was really his (this was back in the napster days) but I found an incredible solo improv of his on an acousitc 12-string guitar... any mega-fans know what im talking about?
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[ACL]'s heyday was in the mid 70' with the Outlaws...Willie, Waylon, Jesse...and the boys.
It is still a great show.

Willie will be there again this will I.

full list

Quick little anecdote...I was there last year watching Robert Randolph and the Family Band, passing around one of those funky cigarettes when what had to be a narc walked by and asked politely, "Having fun?".

A quickly replied "Yea" and he walked away. It wasn't until later that a friend mentioned he'd seen Jenna Bush standing about 10 feet away during RR's set.

And that is about as close to the Secret Service as I've gotten, so far.

/spotting narc's is easy
//realizing they are SS takes more info
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I just wanted to say, bad accents and echoes and all...Thanks MJJ. As a huge SRV fan, this was fantastic. Thanks also to thosw who've linked other videos. I'll be sending this all to my stepdad.

My stepdad is a tough guy. Growing up, I saw the man lose almost all of his family. His mom, dad, only brother, uncles, an aunt, and recently his grandmother. But I only saw him cry twice in my life. Once was when his brother died, the other was in his car when I was a kid, when Stevie died. I'll never forget that.
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I am so jealous of you Austinites - what a fabulous music scene you've got going on. That lineup this year looks awesome, wah, wish I could go. Oh well, I guess I will just have to be satisfied with the lineup I am going to see at a small blues fest next week in Maine. (rollbiz, this is almost in your neighborhood.)

Thanks for the links, persona non grata, and that awesome clip was hardly a derail. Johnson was not on my radar, but he is now. (Our local awesome guitarist is Johnny A).
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Seeing that SRV video reminded me of why I miss Albert Collins as well.

One of my snaps of Stevie coming out of Buddy Guy's Legends.
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Satapher: you might well be referring to his tribute to the sober life, "Life By The Drop" which was also used to good effect in the students' film that madamjujujive has linked us to. It is SRV by himself playing a 12-string and singing about "my old friend". Here is the lyric.
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"Life by the Drop" was written by Doyle Bramhall. (He also wrote "Tightrope".) You can hear a sample of Doyle playing "Life" here, from his CD "Fitchburg Street". He is the father of Doyle Bramhall II, another Texas bred guitar player who toured with Roger Waters and Eric Clapton.

Guitar trivia: Doyle II is a lefty, and plays a left-bodied Strat with a right-handed neck upside down, including the string positions.
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madamjujujive, I'm actually going to try and make it up for that, although I'm still tapped out on music money from Bonnaroo (Where I got to see Buddy Guy and Dr. John). Taking the train in from Brunswick looks freakin' sweet too.
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