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DO NOT HANDLE JALAPENOS and THEN HAVE SEX. Required reading (from a completely subjective standpoint). Important health and safety information enclosed.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: meh, three year old penthouse letter story

jalapenos, huh. poor weakling.
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This should result in some interesting personal stories, fictional and otherwise. **goes to pop some popcorn**
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We are spending Christmas at my girlfriends house.......Decide to make some food ~~ some spicy food. Spicy enough to put a punch in your mouth. Both of us handle spicy peppers in the process, with failure to wash hands afterwards. We then sit down to LOTR Two Towers, and she is stroking my balls, while we are chowing on Quesadillas. 5 minutes goes by, and I notice that my balls are becoming very warm.......strangely warm. I pay little attention to it, fail to put 2 + 2, and focus on the movie again. Plus, I am getting my balls rubbed off & on, and can't think of too much else. Friskiness continues with my fingers starting to wander, and teasing a familiar mound. Then I decide to be cute, and put my middle finger in her butt (she loves anal). Soon I have my middle finger in her butt, my thumb has homed in on her vagina, and my other thumb is fondling The Magic Button....
I lost interest right about there. Just link to Penthouse letters next time, eh?
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Wow. Even skipped this "gem." I wonder why?
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And the moral of the story is - washing your hands properly after handling chilli peppers is much less of a pain in the arse.
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