Lotsa streaming concerts.
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Dutch broadcast station VPRO's website is Holland’s biggest platform for alternative music. Here's a link to a shitload of streaming live concerts and tracks. You'll have to do a bit of cut and paste once there, but it's the easiest way for me to link to the list. For the cut-and-paste-inept, there's a standard interface, but the site's not in english.
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So, first band I hear? Threat Signal from Hamilton, Ontario. Small world, hey?

Very nifty.
posted by Drunken_munky at 10:46 PM on July 8, 2006

Amazing collection! Dank u!
posted by shoepal at 11:11 PM on July 8, 2006

(beware: requires RealPlayer, it seems)
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Real Alternative
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Hosted on the same site is the luisterpaal (listening station), where you can preview a range of new records. The selection changes on a daily basis and focusses on more alternative stuff.
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Let's not forget about Fabchannel^.
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That definitely is a load of shit. Thanks!
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Freakin' sweet. Streaming some Blackalicious in Rotterdam right now, can't wait to spend the hours and hours it will take to explore the rest of these. Thanks dobbs!!!
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Tegan & Sara: "Melancholisch countrypop zusterduo uit Canada."

That pretty much describes them.
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yqxnflld, I too was enjoying simply reading the descriptions!
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I like my shitloads steaming live, that's for sure. Any recommendations?
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