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We all have to go sometime. Frank Russo has an obsession, dead ballplayers. Some died in accidents, some were murdered, some couldn't take it anymore, and some were cursed. They were all human. (via HNT)
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Obit for Len Koenecke.
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I really hate that damned embedded music.
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Heh, Koenecke got "walloped". How bizarre.
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Looking into Koenecke's walloping I came across Wikipedia's List of unusual deaths...
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The publisher I worked with was, in the same year, selling my book as well as The Baseball Necrology which contained information on the deaths of 7600 baseball players. Bizarrely, its author is NOT the same as the guy caddis posted about.
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Thanks for the reminder.... I always get ballplayers and nonhumans confused. :)
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Russo has a lot more than I ever knew about the Mays-Chapman incident, the only time a player has been killed by a pitched ball. His background on Ray Chapman's death in 1920 is fascinating: World War I's contribution to the start of the live-ball era, the ban on spitballs and the like, and the subsequent tendency of pitchers to throw inside more often as a result of the rule change. Thanks for the link.
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the only time a player has been killed by a pitched ball.

I see three other people killed from a pitch on the accident list.
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players, anyway.
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diddlegnome, if you're interested in Mays and Chapman, there's a good book about the incident, The Pitch That Killed by Mike Sowell.
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You're right, puke. I should have said "major-league player."

And thanks for the suggestion, staggernation.
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Interesting post caddis! And runkelfilter's link was also quite fascinating.
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