Packard Jennings wants you to do bad things to your job.
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Job? Fuck it. from Packard Jennings. Also, A Day At The Mall. (Mildly NSFW due to cartoon nudity and copulation. But, screw it, y'know? via.)
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ah, now I see the nsfw warning... Thanks though, funny read.
posted by subaruwrx at 1:39 PM on July 11, 2006

That's beautiful.
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I feel I should give some credit to castironskillet for sending me the link I posted on metachat.
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I think someone had stolen this and put the images on their Russian LiveJournal page, which was recently digg'ed or reddit'ed.

Ineterweb meme tracking is getting more challenging by the day.

(Not that this isn't worth the post.)
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I think someone had stolen this and put the images on their Russian LiveJournal page, which was recently digg'ed or reddit'ed.


But they were nice enough to link and attribute, which is why I linked to the main site and the proper frames.
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Great stuff, best of the web, dugg, +5, you know the drill.

I hate the meme tracking though... it takes the joy out of reading posts like this, because I realize that I'm like the zillionth person to laugh at these images, and that if I mention it to anyone they'll look at me blankly before saying, "Oh, that."
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Very Project Mayhem.
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Thank you, I love subversive art like this. Hiding the "A Day at the Mall" printouts inside The O'Reilly Factor For Kids was inspired brilliance.
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Ugh, panel 11 contains a shirtcocker.
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shirtcocker? I'm not sure Donald even has one under there. I am sure that I don't want to know for certain.
posted by Gamblor at 2:38 PM on July 11, 2006

Wow. I loved this. I like how it descends into Joy of Sex style illustrations halfway through (particularly the staff room scene).
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Wow. I love this guy a little.

Trying to buy a Mussolini action figure at Wal-Mart.
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yeah. That's comedy.
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Finally, some information graphics I can use.
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I thought the first half was getting kind of played out, so I'm glad the situation was taken to the logical extreme. Satisfying, in the end.
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Project Mayhem indeed.
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The first rule of Project Mayhem is you do not talk about Project Mayhem.
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I love how this project lets you hurt junk-mail peddlers (I'm talking to you, Chase!) while giving the employees forced to deal with this stuff something fun and inspirational to look at.

Too many chaos projects are pointlessly mean to the underpaid nobodies. Pretty pictures filled with interesting alternatives ... who wouldn't enjoy that?

Finally, I can make use of those crappy color printers I get "free" with every new computer.

Are there any similar projects that take on the incredible hassle of having to individually open and shred all these credit card offers, actual blank bank checks and other dangerous garbage we get in the mail every day? (Hell yeah, I "opted out," and the junk keeps coming ... mostly from companies I reluctantly have to deal with.)
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Goddammit, the first rule of Project Mayhem is you do not ask questions.
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You think you're coming into this house? You're too goddamn fat to get in! *Swats at cortex with a broom

Ha, ha. Seriously, though, this is amusing, but like raging against the storm.
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Oh, excellent, glad to see things all turn out OK in the end. I was a bit worried seeing the SWAT teams, but I guess they were won over by the peace-love energy of the liberated office workers.
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Unless he was trying to prove that some Wal-Mart cashiers are reasonably intelligent, have a sense of humor, and are pretty damn helpful and co-operative, I'm not sure I get the point of the Mussolini action figure video.

Loved the pamphlets, though.
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I don't think the point of the Wal-Mart/Mussolini video was to belittle anyone. If anything the point was to just get a receipt from Wal-Mart - for his own "product" no less - with the "Mussolini" tag on it, which was just awesome. He actually seemed pretty stoked and amused to me that the cashier recognized Mussolini.

Also, note the part where he says "Hey, it gives you a break." and the moment where he actually deflects another customer from her line by saying "Yeah, we're having some problems." to them and they shuffle off to find another cashier.

I've done a similar thing in huge, busy chain stores - finding small ways to genuinely get the cashiers to not have to hurry either through creating small "problems" or trying meaningful small talk or just trying to create small pockets of space and peace where they get a brief break from what is undeniably a hell of a work day.
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The kid in The Mall panel 6 is Dutch! See? What a tolerant society...
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bitchen link, tone loq.
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Job? reminded a lot of this great old leisuretown strip.
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