I'd like to go to Tchepone, but I haven't got the tickets.
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If you're interested in military geography, this ebook from the National Defense University website should be good reading for you.
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Wow, that's a really cool ebook. Thanks.
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OMAR THE TENTMAKER EMPHASIZED THE IMPORTANCE OF IRRETRIEVABLE TIME THROUGHOUT HIS RUBÁIYÁT. So do seasoned military commanders, who know full well that a few minutes often spell the difference between military success and failure, victory and defeat. They therefore strive to make best use of land, sea, air, and space lines of communication (LOCs) that link nations with essential resources, connect military theaters of operation, facilitate support for deployed armed forces, simplify their movement from present positions at Point A to points of decision at B, C, and D, then enable formations to maneuver most effectively after arrival.1

What awful prose. Omar the tentmaker? WTF? Who writes this stuff?

The confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest (IIRC) explained this with far fewer words when he observed - in language that anyone can immediately understand - that the key to victory was being "first-est with the most-est."
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Omar the tentmaker? WTF? Who writes this stuff?

This guy, jackass. Go back to school.
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By the way, Nathan Bedford Forrest founded the Klu Klux Klan.
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Are you saying that quoting Omar Khayyam is more appropriate than quoting Forrest? Or are you saying that the paragraph 3bm clipped is good prose? Forrest may have been personally reprehensible, but that's true for many competent generals, I'm sure. And Forrest's quote is more on point than that entire paragraph. Forrest was regarded by many military historians as the war's most innovative and successful general, according to your Wikipedia link. Omar the tentmaker was ... a mathematician. And he wasn't even "Omar the tentmaker," he was "Omar, son of the tentmaker".

So, in conclusion, that paragraph sucks, the reference sucks, and 3bm was right on all counts. I'll refrain from calling you a jackass, though.
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