No, these Chaps are not the kind that is commonly preceded by the adjective "assless".
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Advice for the Chap at heart.... "The web site you are about to enter contains words and images that may induce excessive languidity and an increase in levels of panache, leading to an overall rise in self-esteem. So sink into your deepest armchair, pour yourself a gin and tonic, light a cigarillo, and prepare to join the sophisticated world of The Chap." Being a Chap is, apparently, much more than just an excuse to wear a fedora and spats. The proper Chap has a Manifesto and a valet, shops at the Chap Emporium, and possibly practices the gentle art of househusbandry.
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Chaps are not people, they are garments for cowboys.
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“I find it sad that by not talking about who I sleep with, that makes me mysterious. There was a time when I would have been called a gentleman.” ~ Kevin Spacey

And I suddenly like Kevin Spacey quite a lot.
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I would love to have a gentleman's gentleman. No, not that sort--I have one of them already.
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Watch this: Monty Python - Upper Class Twit Of The Year
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Uh oh, I feel my panache increasing.
*runs to the bathroom*
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Huzzah Cheahs ! ! !
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Goddammit, I miss Miguel.
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Oh, wait, I spoke too soon! What I should have said was: Calling Miguel... Miguel Cardoso wanted in thread 52942...
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I did not know one could walk into a hostelry and order some pussy.



Got it. Never mind.

But I would like to buy a nice fez.
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I apologize in advance for this long quote, but I must...from the letters section:

I feel moved to write to you in light of a curious encounter I had last Thursday week at five and twenty to four in the afternoon. I had just taken an afternoon stroll to my tobacconist and was in the process of taking myself off to tea when I chanced upon a very unlikely sight. As I waited to cross a busy thoroughfare, I chanced to look out into the traffic, where I aspied a Hackney carriage which was waiting to turn onto the main road. The taxicab's rear windows were wound down with some species of plastic mesh preventing any passage through the opening and there, sitting upon the back seat, was a solitary beagle. The hound in question was sitting politely, facing the front of the taxi with an air of the utmost canine civility and, for a moment, I was gripped by an enormous sense of pride to live in a country that treats man's best friend so well.
But, I am sad to say, my sense of pride quickly turned to rage when I realised the ramifications of this spectacle. Gentlemen: what business has a beagle to be in a taxi? What chance does a hare have against such an unfairly motorised adversary? With such flagrantly unsporting behaviour is it any wonder that field sports are under threat?

Yours etc.
Major The Right Hon. Bentley Collingwood-Hilliam (Disgraced)

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I'm still laughing
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I haven't started yet. Maybe I need a Chap-Stick in my chaps.
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I believe one of the contributors to Chap Magazine is also a member of the very lovely Handlebar Club! Chaptastic! I curtsy to all of you gents!
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Top shelf old man! And long overdue, I might add.
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I wonder if The Chap was inspired by The Chap-Book ,which was inspired by chapbooks.
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We find ourselves very amused by the gentleman.
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The New Yorker used to publish such letters to British editors under the headline, There'll always be an England. Except they were real.
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this is awesome.
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The Chap is on the Internet? I sensed a certain joie de vivre about the old mechanical brain this morn, but dared not hope for such a splendid and civilised advance! Ahmed, bring me a glass of gin and I shall peruse some scandalous French lithographs in celebration.
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Sounds like Victorian-Era Superhero
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"In a high-street coffee chain which offers tea on its menu, ask for a pot of Lapsang souchong, a cup and saucer and some toast with Gentleman’s Relish."

Gentleman's Relish?
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The mere fact you are unaware of Gentleman's Relish speaks volumes about you sirrah. I only hope that you are either a Lady or you are from one of the new territories.
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Gentlemen's Relish is anchovy paste. Not something exclusive to Chaps, however. Blokes like it too. Or at least mine does.
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Dammit, I even previewed to see if anyone had gotten there FIRST, seanyboy!
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Y'all might like Lord Whimsy too.
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Indeed. From Lord Whimsy:


If it weren't for the first and last, I'd have thought he was referring to MetaFilter.
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That is positively delightful. Freshens the old heart a nudge.
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I certainly do like Patum Peperium. And I've been an avid reader of The Chap for a long time. Dashed shame to have the old rag exposed to the great unwashed here at MetaFilter, mind. Not quite the thing at all. Poor show.
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Patum Peperium is one of my vices - I ignore the fact that it's target audience is 80 year old Tufton Bufton's in St James's gentlemen's clubs, it's great on toast or muffins.

Unfortunately I can't make it to the Chap Olympics...
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Oops, awful apostrophe use there - that should be its and Tufton Buftons.
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Offer “gentlemen of the road” (hobos) not money – which they might spend on food – but a nip of cognac from your hip flask.

This almost made me fall out of my chair.
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Nice post, old bean!

Is there a out there?
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Chaps are not people, they are garments for cowboys.

With respect, sir, it appears that supposition was fully put paid to by the exhibitionist antics of a certain 'Christina Aguilera' within (in the most sympathetic of ironies) a pit full of the worst kind of mud. However, feel free to cling to your cherished colonial notions. They are, after all, most adorable.
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My chapette and I went to this marvellous place tonight. It was sheer chap heaven.
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The Williamsburg location, not the East Village. So much more chapesque.
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Double post, sort of.
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The band are really very good as well (also on MySpace) (Lo-fi/punk/electronica, rather intense live, but inspired by the magazine). Yeah, yeah my favourite band sucks etc.
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I found that one, Mocata, but since there are no comments at all in that thrad and three out of its four links are dead and the other one just leads to a map, I figured there was no way of even knowing what that post was talking about.
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Oh sure, totally fair enough.
posted by Mocata at 10:07 AM on July 13, 2006

The Chap Olympics pictures are now available thanks to the electric services of the British Broadcasting Corporation.
posted by imperium at 4:37 AM on July 14, 2006

Oh God, that looks hilarious. It is now my ambition to enter the chap olympiad. How sad is that?
posted by Decani at 1:10 AM on July 16, 2006

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