tv = agressive behavior in children.
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tv = agressive behavior in children.
Danny: What was the Donner Party? Jack: They were a party of settlers in covered-wagon times. They got snowbound one winter in the mountains. They had to resort to cannibalism in order to stay alive.
Danny: You mean they ate each other up?
Jack: They had to, in order to survive.
Wendy: Jack...
Danny: Don't worry, Mom. I know all about cannibalism. I saw it on TV.
Jack: See, it's OK. He saw it on the television.

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Maybe I'm missing the talking point here.

What is the dialogue from? (Sorry if this reveals my cluelessness)
posted by rodii at 8:07 PM on January 15, 2001

It's from 'The Shining.'

You need to watch more TV, rodii!
[/me punches rodii in the face]
posted by Dirjy at 9:46 PM on January 15, 2001

Shoulda known there was a Kubrick angle.
[/me pummels dirjy with a copy of A Clockwork Orange]

(By the way (offtopic) is the aforementioned film still banned in the UK?)
posted by rodii at 9:53 PM on January 15, 2001

No, it was never banned. Kubrick felt it shouldn't have been shown in the UK. I'm not sure what the reasons were, but I feel it had something to do with like a gizzilion death threats he received after the first release. heh.

By the way, that last quote should have read - 'Jack: See, it's OK. He saw it on the television'; the emphasis being on the television word. Think about it.
posted by tiaka at 10:02 PM on January 15, 2001

There was a supposed copycat incident I believe. A tramp (hobo?) was attacked and set alight, the newspapers siezed on the similarity between the real-life and film events and called for the film to be banned because of this. Kubrick had the film pulled from release in the UK though later there was some doubt as to whether the attackers had even seen it.
That's why it went on general release just after his death, since there was no actual ban other than a self imposed one.
posted by Markb at 12:50 AM on January 16, 2001

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