A pre-war blues blog
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Honey, where you been so long? A music blog featuring almost daily links to mp3s of pre-war blues musicians. Previously mentioned in-thread here and here.
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Damn - I'm not going to get any work done tonight - awesome site...
posted by twsf at 10:08 PM on July 12, 2006

persona non grata, What joy! Treasure! Thank you for this wonderful post and links to such great music!
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PNG, you rock!
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(p.s. I've been enjoying the "Stuff That Dreams are Made Of" comps of early blues and old country music from the 1920s and 30s. You might enjoy them if you're not already familiar...)
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I love it!
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This is very cool and a good place to link to Lars Lindh's Web Concordance of Michael Taft's Pre-War Blues Lyrics. The lyric transcriptions there are not always that accurate nor is the site that easy to use but it does cover a lot of territory all the same.
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Thanks, PNG!
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awesome. thanks!
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It's a wonderful site. Though it's cost me an absolute fortune in blues CDs after discovering artists there.
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Yeah, that's a good one.
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I thank you, and my husband thanks you! Cool link!
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Perhaps a tangent not specific solely to the blues but, following up on your earlier post links PNG, I stumbled across this, which may be of interest.....
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H,WYBSO? is amazing in how much stuff he digs up that I've never even heard of, let around heard. The Stagger Lee/Stagolee/Wrong Em Boyo piece last year was stunning. And I'll second jack_mo - you can go broke trying to track down some of this stuff for your own collection.
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Wow this is great -thanks!
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*bursts into tears*
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Bookmarked. Thank you.
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Thank you for posting this, persona non grata. I've visited this site quite a bit over the past year or so and it never is anything less than awesome.
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I been in the pen with the rough and rowdy men.
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Way cool. Thanks!
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I love you, PNG.
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Life ain't nothin but the blues. Thanks.
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Great link...it's been part of my weekly audioblog trawl for a while now. Incidentally, I must take this opportunity to plug my own site, which features obscure Canadian music; Five Bucks On By-Tor.
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