Schaulager, Basel
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Schaulager, Basel, Switzerland. "If art is not seen it is dead. If art is not conserved, it decays. Schaulager - a new type of space for art." Originating from the Emanuel Hoffmann Foundation, whose collection is stored at Schaulager under optimal conservation conditions, Schaulager is an institution dedicated to contemporary art – its conservation, research and dissemination. Building designed by architects Herzog & de Meuron.
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I like the idea of works by Joseph Beuys being stored in a building designed by architects who cite him as their main influence.
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I've been to Basel, Switzerland. And you sir are no Basel, Switzerland.
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Firstly, I've lived in Basel
Secondly, Basel is the richest per capita city in Switzerland
Thirdly, You wouldn't know it by just walking around as a tourist
Fourthly, It has an amazing number of world-class museums from cartoons and paper to ancient and modern art
Fifthly, It is simply a fantastic place full of amazing people from and of all walks of life
Sixthly, Faschnacht and Morgenstraich
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michswiss, I live in Basel and agree with your comments. Schaulager is just one of its many attractions.
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I've been to the Schaulager, and it is surely one of the weirdest museums ever, but probably the closest thing to what I would think is the very definition of a museum. Art objects in seperate, identical rooms, with bare concrete floor, bare white walls, bright light everywhere. Only a few people can go in at at time. Like a big closet. A Show-Locker. Reminded me of that warehouse at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark.
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