Antique Celestial Maps
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The U.S. Naval Observatory Library features high-res scans of images from antique books dealing with astronomy and navigation. Wallpapers, ahoy!
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Thanks Gator, these are really beautiful. They make great desktops with the color inverted in Gimp.
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I know it was done years ago, but I love the liberal use of cellophane tape on things like this.
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Very nice. Amazing how much careful work went into those engravings.

But don't forget the nice picture of Cheney's house.
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And many other photos in the photo collection.
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Transit of Venus Plates from 1882.

Great find, Gator - and I hope they're true to their word and keep updating that page!

belling - my word, aged paper's negative colour is a really cool 'night sky' blue
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Great post. Thanks

Those interested in this atlas might also be interested in the Firmamentum Sobiescianum of Johann Hevelius^ of 1690. It's the earliest example of this kind of work (called uranographies), and it's also at USNO. some more examples of Hevelius can be found at Hubble.

Hevelius's drawings are also available in Stellarium, a modern planetarium program.

See also John Bode's Uranographia of 1801, the artwork of which has become the archetype for celestial drawing. Bode also did a version of the Flamsteed atlas which is the subject of one of the scans referenced in the fpp links.
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Oooh...check out the Curious Mathematical Forms.
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[holy crap this is good]
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wowzers. DownThemAll is serving its purpose tonight.
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Woahoho this is good stuff!
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You've just provided the raw materials for my homebrew labels.

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awesome. I have some scans like this on my flickr account here:

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Wanna come up and see my etchings?
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Entirely cool. Thanks!
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Anyone else having trouble connecting to
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You've just provided the raw materials for my homebrew labels.

That's a really awesome idea. (I thought I already said this, but apparently not.)

Also, thanks for the additional links, Pastabagel.
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