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"In the reign of Harad IV there lived at court a maker of miniatures, who was celebrated for the uncanny perfection of his work. Not only were the objects of his strenuous art pleasing to look at but the pleasure and astonishment increased as the observer, bending closer, saw that a passionate care had been lavished on the smallest and least visible details. It was said that no matter how closely you examined one of the Master’s little pieces you always discovered some further wonder." [via]
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Willard Wigan's work (to which you link in the "pleasure and astonishment" link) is incredible.

His Micro Sculptures are currently on display at Harvey Nichols/Manchester.

His work fetches a pretty penny!
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Related -- Miniature Books.
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Awesome; even though many of these artists have been posted here previously (Dalton Ghetti was the subject of my very first post here), this collection of all in one place, with new or updated links to their works is absolutely wonderful. Thanks, jess!
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Wiggan's stuff in the "smallest and least visible details" link is indeed amazing (my fav is Peter Pan & Co. on a fishhook). And you have to laugh at the idea of Cornell Phds (or more likely, their grad students) spending weeks arranging tiny saxophones into a picture of Bill Clinton. Gotta get those grants.
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Diatom and butterfly scale art — as if the originals aren't intricate and beautiful enough.
An earlier mjjj post on tiny tomes.

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my eyes ache, but it's a good ache
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that story was really good.
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Excellent stuff.
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Truly a model post.
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I'm surprised to see an fpp wasted on art of such miniscule stature...
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Has anyone read Leskov's story 'The Steel Flea'? Because it rocks.
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Some others work in slightly larger scales.
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Excellent post and thread.
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Wow, this post is just what this former (amateur) miniature painter need on a Friday.
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Never have I seen anything so remarkable in both conception and execution.

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I read this story a few weeks ago and enjoyed it. What a great way to add to the experience. Thanks, jessamyn.
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Too bad about the photography.
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