No, I'm not sure how they get it to not devolve into a wall of feedback... though that'd be pretty rad too.
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A Piano In A Gallery. David Cunningham (the guy behind The Flying Lizards! Wikipedia because the main at-least-quasi-official site's down, but while you wait 16 days for that, why not read this interview with Deborah Lizard for your FL Fix) and his new project... A Piano In A Gallery. No, he's not actually PLAYING the piano -- the visitors are. It's a sort of similar thing to both Brian Eno's gallery work with ambient tape loops on different time cycles, creating an ever-shifting collage of sound and David Byrne's recent Playing The Building. The room is mic'd, and the sound is run through a piano, and amplified, both bringing background noises to the foreground AND creating feedback-style loops, as those sounds are also run into the mics and so forth. So... if you happen to be in London.... [via WFMU]
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Just thought I'd make an appearance.
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I had "Top 10" on CD, I would looove to have that again. *sigh* Nice post.
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That Playing the Building installation is wonderful. I have such a crush on David Byrne.
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Good band, and it included STEVE BERESFORD, who's one of my favorite British improvisers of that generation.
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Yep! Toop & Beresford are great -- I've been meaning to pick up the General Strike stuff, too. They also worked together on the first Frank Chickens record, which was also excellent (and very Flying Lizards/Residents-y).
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