North Korean Socialist Realism
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Art Under Control in North Korea. A slide show from Jane Portal's book by the same name (Reaktion Books, May 2005). You can find an essay by Portal here.
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Administrator, please hope me. He didn't paste his link over the http:// but posted his after it. In the mean time, here's the correct second link. Please fix it and then disappear this comment.
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MarshallPoe, here's a tip--when linking to Open Democracy articles, click on the the easy to read version, then right click on the page when it comes up and copy the URL and use that link. As in Art Under Control in North Korea. Adminstrator, please use this link instead and then disappear this comment, too.
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That depiction of the two leaders (Mr. Great and Mr. Dear...) is priceless. And now everyone's suspicions are confirmed. They ARE from Mars!
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Number 5 is fascinating. It looks as if it was painted in the 1930s, but it's actually from 1998. That's just the level of technology that's available there.

North Korea is such a tragedy.
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Also the slide show moves to quickly to read the captions and look at the pictures, I would have to re-click the numbers to read the whole caption some time. Really annoying. Now I'm sure someone will tell me I can stop it by clicking on some random thing.
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Number 20 is a real winner.
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"Also the slide show moves to quickly..."

There's a pause button (looks like the one on any CD or DVD player) you can use. I agree, though, it's kind of a lousy interface.
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The commentary and art history is great, I'd love to see more stuff of this nature, and not just from N. Korea!
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The pause button works, but resets when you go to the next slide!
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North Korean Socialist Realism

Shouldn't that be communist realism?
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This doesn't need the flash interface. It detracts from really intersting content
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Performance art — North Korea's Mass Games gymnastic exhibition [via ifilm]. YouTube videos, blog post, and more images.

Nice little canvas, too. Rungnado May Day Stadium in Pyongyang has seating for 150,000, and the arena floor is over 5 acres.
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