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Starry Night a minimalist improvisation by:
mazen kerbaj / trumpet
the israeli air force / bombs
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Improv isn't everyone's cup of tea to be sure, so no complaining if it doesn't sound like Freddie Hubbard.

A direct link if you prefer.
posted by hototogisu at 1:59 AM on July 20, 2006

I keep forgetting things: via ILM. Also, if there's a way to cache this or something, that might be a good idea--I don't know how much bandwidth he has lying about.
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WFMU is also hosting it:

It's a pretty nice little piece, oddly. Kerbaj has semi-publically wrung his hands a bit about an interesting facet of it, too: the absurdity of trying to make aesthetic decisions while being bombed.
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Yeah, that's the direct link. I was expecting you to show up :)

...I'm hoping he gets the rest of the 40 some odd minutes uploaded or mastered and released at some point...
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This is powerful stuff. Thanks for posting, hototogisu.
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Fantastic. Scary. Great find.
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It's a bit like the opening sequence of The Party, with Peter Sellers playing the bugle under heavy fire.
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yeah, except it's not a *movie*, and real people are dying, as we speak.
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another mp3 location
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That was surprisingly good. Terrifying, but good.
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Man: The Ronnettes sing medieval agrarian history, please.
Clerk: Sorry, we're sold out. We've got First World War Noises...
Man: Oh, is that the Ronnettes?
Clerk: No, the French and the Germans.
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