Underground Bases
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Underground bases [you decide] This is a list of known or suspected U.S. Underground Bases, the purpose of each (hey, I'm just passing on the reports...), how they're set up and any other info known about them. Although most of these are supposed to be a secret, this list is culled from publicly available records (is that good or bad?) and of course people who worked in them, live by them or those who have retired and offer info. Some wish to remain anonymous. Some have written to me with stories that have been terrifying - just to tell me things - not meaning for me to put them up.
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Broken link, the correct link is here.
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Sorry Mr. Postroad, 404 for me.
(The shadow government triangulated his position!)

Although I have no doubt the US military and/or federal government has many classified bases. The United States is a large country, plenty of room.
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Nevermind, thank you, RichardP.
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In some of America's big cities you also find Underground Aces
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Those ones in Alaska are in the middle of nowhere. That's a long drive.
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I would probably take this more seriously if so many of the bases didn't have alien containment units and so forth. I mean, I love XCOM, but really.

I hated the Chrysalids, though. They scare me.
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From the list:

Dobbins Air Force Base, Marrietta GA
Function: test site for plasma and antigravity air craft, experimental crafts and weapons"

For anyone living or working in the vicinity of Dobbins or the adjacent Lockheed facility, where stuff falls off C130's and other aircraft with distressing regularity, the thought of good ol' Georgia boys (and gals) working on antigravity aircraft and experimental weapons is just, wrong. So wrong...
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Mt. Lassen, California
Notes: Two alien races living inside mountain.

This site may not be so credible.

I can, however, confirm that much of the second entry for Colorado (Cheyenne Mountain) is correct. I can't say about the tunnels, but it is definitely not a self-sustaining city. It runs off electricity from Colorado Springs, with a limited diesel backup.

As for roles (Early Warning systems - missile defense systems - Space tracking listed), they can add maritime surveillance and the tracking of commercial aviation, both of which NORAD now does.
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There's no detail about the Alaska sites, but maybe they coincide with one on the US/Canadian border which is only a black rectangle on Google Maps. (Even the infamous Area 51 was not blacked out on Google Maps last time I looked.)

Blockquoth the Register article:
According to Willy, this site north-east-ish of Valdez, Alaska, is the site of a HAARP weather-control weapon of death facility. Interestingly, the obscured area straddles the US/Canada border, so could it be that the two nations have struck an unholy alliance to bring destruction upon their enemies?
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14. Mt. Lassen, California
Tunnels to: Probably connects to the Mt. Shasta main tunnel.
Notes: Two alien races living inside mountain.

...two alien races inside the mountain? I'd believe one, but TWO?

not such a good list
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The site doesn't even seem to list the state of Nebraska, which includes STRATCOM headquarters.
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They are counting the greys, reapers, cyberdiscs, and chrysalids as seperate races, blahblahblah. It's probably just the greys and reapers at Mt. Lassen.
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I meant, maybe one of them coincides...
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My wife worked with someone who had a friend who worked at Area 51. Yeah, I know--friend of a friend, so completely uncredible. Still, the area 51 employee never saw anything weird, but had to quit because s/he just felt this overwhelming sense of creepiness/evil that wouldn't go away and it was depressing him/her. Then again, I imagine one could experience this at Microsoft or some other large corporation.
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While discussing 'Denver International Airport'

"...bizarre artwork of dead babies, burning cities and women in coffins comprise an extensive mural as well as a time capsule..."

Ahh, public art at its best...
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‘We recently came across a very interesting list of Entrances to Subterranean Tunnels from a book called “Underground Alien Bases” (UAB) ISBN: 0-938294-92-X’ written, I see, by one Commander X! ‘which purports to list all the known underground entrances to bases. Here is where they are!’
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Regarding these tunnels - some of the listed ones are absurdly long (New Mexico to Colorado, etc). There are probably more miles of secret tunnel in the US than of interstates, if we believe this site.
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Dobbins Air Force Base in Marietta, GA has underground test labs for antigravity aircraft? Yeah, right. Ringed by major highways that have traffic 24/7, major shopping areas, about 20 miles north from the busiest airport in the US (well, pretty much tied with Chicago) very close (within 10 miles) of Atlanta proper, more or less south of McCollum Field which has extensive private and commercial traffic...

And they're testing antigravity aircraft from an underground facility? (We won't even talk about the Naval Base that's there - a Naval Air Station.)

Well, the inaccuracy of one datum doesn't invalidate the whole set... but I'm not inclined to believe other bits and pieces based on a bad description of an area I know about.

I'm surprised he didn't include the Stargate project at Cheyenne Mountain. (Merely notes that NORAD HQ has multiple levels...)

Mercury, Nevada - function unkown. LOL. It was the support city for the Nevada Test Site. Nuclear testing, anyone?

I'll give him props for enthusiasm, however.
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DIA - It may be true that there are weird murals. Dunno about aliens, tunnels, consipiracies etc.
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I can't wait until Postroad is investigated for revealing/posting this, along with those communists terror-lovers at the New York Times.
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Well, as to further add to the loss of credibility they list Kansas City as in Kansas:

2. Kansas City, Kansas
Function unknown
Notes: Entrance near Worlds of Fun

Indeed there is a Kansas City, KS but it is nowhere near Worlds of Fun, which is well on the MO side. There are tunnels and other caves underneath and around World of Fun as there are natural limestone caverns that make it perfect to store things there. It's not really a secret at all, I believe major studios store original prints in these caves (the original Star Wars reels are kept there). But I'm not suppose to tell you that!
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Kind of like Cryptome's Eyeball Series minus the high resolution graphics and citing of sources, and generally more reputable nature.
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geoff....geez! Next you'll be talking about the limestone cave entrances visible from the highway. =P
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Obviously that's the man trying to distract you from the real caves!
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and of course, most of them are in red states, with the blue states getting screwed again

just another example of how the tax money's distributed
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why was this post not titled all underground bases are belong to US?
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Everyone knows the Earth is hollow. You just need to dig deep enough or find the secret cave to the center of the earth.
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why was this post not titled all underground bases are belong to US

That would be a blatant invitation for them to set us up the bomb.
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Kooks! I [heart] kooks. I used to collect them.

It was nice to see "chemtrails" again.
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It seems to have gone 404 - the NSA is watching. ;)

More tin foil base fun.
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caddis, try adding an "l" to the "htm" and capitalize the "B" in "bases.html". The OP did a bad job of cutting and pasting the URL.
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7. Deep Springs, California
Function: Supposed home to alien species working with government
Tunnels to: Death Valley, Mercury, NV, Salt Lake City

That doesn't make me think this is batshit insane or anything. Anybody from Deep Springs notice any unusual visitors?
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why was this post not titled all underground bases are belong to US

That would be a blatant invitation for them to set us up the bomb.

*Sigh*...We have no chance to survive, make our time.
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Is is too much to ask to have sharks with fricken laser beams attached in these underground lairs?
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the thought of good ol' Georgia boys (and gals) working on antigravity aircraft and experimental weapons is just, wrong.

Georgia (Lockheed), Alabama(NASA), Texas(NASA, General Dynamics), and Florida(NASA) have some of the most brilliant minds in the world when it comes to this sort of stuff. I'm sure some of them are from other areas of the country, but there are plenty from right here in the South.
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And since no one has said it yet:

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Speaking of the crazy murals at DIA, you can find pictures of them here.
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And to think, as I drove past Henderson, NV (yesterday as a matter of coincidence), I too wondered at the purpose of a Naval base that says it specializes in underwater warfare, in the middle of the desert.

There was a beautiful picture waiting to be taken, contrasting the row-after-row of weapons bunkers, with the pretty mountains behind, but I didn't figure it would be safe to stop and shoot.
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tadellin: Yes, it has been said.
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Damn, Mr.Bill. Those murals seriously rock!
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1. Mt. Rainier, Washington
Function unknown.
Levels: Multiple
Tunnels to: Unknown
Notes: A very active UFO base exists beneath Mt. Rainier. There are also said to be underground "vaults" containing
records of the ancient Lemurians.

2. Mt. St. Helens, Washington
Function: thought to be electromagnetic/ultra- and subsound research

Hahahahahahaha ha ha...

Oh. Those are good. And bullshit. Clearly the work of idiots.

They messed several well known (once secret) facilities.

There is a huge underground "base" just outside the Tricities built for the development of the Bomb and to house the secret stuff from the Purex plant.

One at Fairchild AFB near Spokane - an underground strategic Weapons a fuel depot.

Large multi-level underground Government Archival storage facilities in Seattle (on Sandpoint Way).

The Navy has an old deactivated base that is now a park, Discovery Park, in Seattle that has vast tunnels networked underneath it. They were to move ammo for the shore battery that guarded Elliot Bay during WWII.
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They forgot about Mt. Weather in Norther Va. I grew up two miles down the road from this base. We saw all kinds of strange goings on in our day. After 9/11 it was rumored that Cheney was hiding in the catacombs of Mt. Weather. By the looks of the army guys at either end of the road with M-16's at that time, I think they might have been right.
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DO NOT pass up the opportunity to read the interview underneath mrbill's post. It makes David Icke's stuff look like a Methodist sermon.

By the way, as a Denvervite, I've see The Mural many times. It had the guts to address the genocidal history of this (and other) countries, in a colorfully local Mexican kind of style. It was rather toned down and prettied up for the masses, if you ask me.

OK, back to the Reptilian Underground Concentration Camp doubling as temporary UFO bases conversation...
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no discussion of any of this is complete without a nod to this.
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Another datapoint on Dobbins: if there are experimental aircraft there beyond the YF-22, they're invisible. The runways are all visible from major roads and commercial developments, and it's lit up 24 hours a day.

And I like the entry for New York: Tunnels to: Capitol Building, D.C. A 200 mile tunnel. Take that Eurotunnel!

At least they got Greenbriar mostly right.
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I grew up not 10 miles from a large and well-known (for being a secret base) underground Military Facility called Site R. This was/is the 'Underground Whitehouse' and is located under a mountain near Camp David.

I find the fact that Site R is not listed means this is total bullshit, imo.
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I met a guy with a large ornate military aviation class ring,relaxing in a remote Califoria warm springs.He told me he didn't meet any aliens at area 51 but did see a large collection of russian aircraft.
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Where do they do the Time Cube research? When I was in the Air Force I discovered a hidden tunnel that ran all the way from the the alert pad at the base to Happy Harry's liquor barn in Grand Forks,ND.
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7. Deep Springs, California
Function: Supposed home to alien species working with government
Tunnels to: Death Valley, Mercury, NV, Salt Lake City

That doesn't make me think this is batshit insane or anything. Anybody from Deep Springs notice any unusual visitors?

Probably not, because there is nothing in Deep Springs! :-P

It's so desolate that Google Maps doesn't even label the area I linked to as Deep Springs (which it is).

We've done some geology work there. Nothing but a small town of about 20 at one end of the valley and a cattle ranch with an ephemeral lake at the other end surrounded by mountains.

Then again... maybe this makes it the perfect home for aliens?
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MikeMc - My friend Dave used to work at Happy Harry's. Time Cube research is behind the cooler with the good imported beer because good beer is anathema to UND students.
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Ooh, look!

"...these murals. It turned out that some of these are "trigger" pictures, containing symbology designed to trigger altered personalities of people that have been groomed in MKULTRA type programs for specific tasks that they have been trained to do in terms of something connected with Satanic rituals and mind control. ..."

I looked. I suddenly have an irresistable compulsion to go divert people's checked luggage from the Denver airport system. It's a long way. Must go now.
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There are many interesting (and true) stories about the underground bases.

Several such cave cities around Washington DC were only revealed in recent decades, even though they've been around since the Cold War began a half century ago. They are "Continuity of Government" facilities, and 4,000 government workers recently were sent to their underground holes for an "exercise." (Washington Post link.)

These subterranean cities are where the feds go while the rest of us get nuked or whatever. Of course, in order for thousands of feds to get underground before the catastrophe, they have to know in advance ... and let the rest of us be surprised. That's called "intelligence," I think.

Mt. Weather in Virginia is one such base, just 50 miles from the White House. There are more than 90 underground bases around D.C. and 300 known federal cave cities around the United States.

This doesn't include the scores of known underground military bases in the United States, many (but hardly all of them) listed on that guy's Alien Invasion chart. The infamous Area 51 has a bunch of cave hangars and tunnels that can accommodate a small railroad that functions (or functioned) on the once-secret test site. You don't need to believe in Flying Saucers; the hangars were built to hide test aircraft (including the stealth bomber and stealth fighter) from the prying eyes of Soviet satellites. The caves were also created to protect America's craziest new air weapons from a Russian nuke strike. (The Minuteman missiles are all in special underground bunkers, too.)

As for the alien stuff, the Dulce N.M. underground alien race story was created by Air Force intelligence to drive an American citizen crazy. Paul Bennewitz was a scientist and businessman who became convinced the air force base near his home was involved with the Aliens. Whether true or not, Kirtland AFB had a bunch of Top Secret nuke stuff going on, and AF intel went after him.

Along with other intel agencies, the Kirtland AFB & OSI spies took one of Bennewitz's harmless theories (that a base under Dulce, NM, was holding thousands of aliens) and began feeding him disinformation -- fake military reports, etc. They drove him insane, he forgot about Kirtland, and the Dulce legend was born. (The same people were apparently responsible for the infamous MJ-12 disinformation operation.)

Where there's a UFO story or legend, there's almost always a creepy government conspiracy involved -- but the conspiracy generally involves plain old American government evil instead of the Space Brothers.
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"Another datapoint on Dobbins: if there are experimental aircraft there beyond the YF-22, they're invisible. The runways are all visible from major roads and commercial developments, and it's lit up 24 hours a day."

Actually, they're rolling out the F-22 in production now. And that the experimental aircraft are invisible is beyond doubt. After all, if you can't see it or hear it you know it's there!
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I wouldn't go so far as to call a Minuteman silo a 'bunker' - it's essentially a vertical launch tube with a reinforced cover and sufficient space for monitoring and control equipment. A bunker, to me, implies a place that's designed for human habitation/protection for a fairly long period of time. (hours, certainly...) And though it's quite possible to work/stay in one for a while, there's a decided lack of, um, 'facilities' for comfort. (Not to mention being quick-charred to a crackly crunch if they have to launch it.)

The LCC capsules are more bunker-ish, being designed for 24/7 occupation.

The railroad at Area 51... there WAS a railroad constructed out at the Nevada Test Site to support Project Pluto. But this is the first I've heard about one at Area 51...
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"Time Cube research is behind the cooler with the good imported beer ..."

I knew something was up. Happy Harry's low,low prices were too low. It was just a goverment ploy to distract us from the Time Cube (and the teleportation device behind the wine coolers that will instantly transport you to a secret room under the Customs station in Pembina).

I've said too much...
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I live in Colorado. Although, I hadn't seen the art work at DIA, I will now have to make a trip there. I can, however, attest to a sort of carnival/snake oil salesmanship atmosphere of conspiracy theories here. Back in my talk radio listening days, there were a few conspiracy theory shows that I would listen to (for entertainment purposes at work). They were definitely targeting the rural audience because the advertisements were for feed stores and tractor salesmen. I'm not trying to stereotype our rural citizens, its just that it seems that was their audience. Anyway, the guests on the shows seemed to have a circuit of towns that they would visit, mostly from wyoming to the northern towns of Colorado, along the eastern plains (of course Boulder too) and then down south or east through Kansas. These 'phds' would roll into town, book a night at a local church or school, give their lecture and then roll down to the next gig. I just imagined a covered wagon rolling in, the guy hitting a button and the sample try popping out and the banner rolling down. Anyway, I went to one to see what it was like. A guy was talking about HAARP and it seriously was all the farm guys in their overalls and sheepswool lined denim jackets. After the lecture, the guy started hawking his book and some headphones that communicated directly to your brain through nerves in your neck and fortunately, he had some that you could purchase too. They aided in learning apparently. It was quite surreal. I thought it was cool that these guys had their own live X-Files reality tv show to watch/live out. Kind of like those real life games that get played on the internet. The unfortunate thing is, some of them really believe it and they own guns.
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JB71: True, it's a stretch calling a silo a bunker ... but with those doors locked down, it's at least ... "bunkeresque"?

Speaking of, you can now live in an abandoned missile silo!

kookywon: I remember a lot of those guys (and they're *always* guys) doing such conspiracy tours in rural California in the early '90s. I was editing a computer magazine at the time and got fascinated with their BBS network and shortwave broadcasts and such, and worked up some sample chapters of a wacky book. But then Ruby Ridge and Waco went down, and it was no longer so wacky. Turns out the U.S. government is happy to massacre American citizens after all ...
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This site would be far more interesting if each base was linked to google maps.
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I've seen those. Looks like a darn neat thing, especially on the Great Plains where tornados are a possibility. Something designed to take a near miss by a nuke would shrug at a Cat 5 twister.

Re Ruby Ridge and Waco - funny thing, but I think an abuse of power like that (since both sides, Dem and Repub, did it) that gets reported actually prevents something like that happening on a wider scale.

I mean, look at it. 5 years into the WoT - no mass incarcerations, no stifiling of dissent, (Hell, even the Dixie Chicks didn't get jailed) and there's not even any internet censorship (at least US based, we won't talk about China or India) - I'm starting to think that the US government's not taking their role as "Evil Overlords Bent on World Domination" nearly as seriously as they ought...
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"...Georgia (Lockheed), Alabama(NASA), Texas(NASA, General Dynamics), and Florida(NASA) have some of the most brilliant minds in the world when it comes to this sort of stuff. ..."
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Maybe you're right, tadellin, but my ex-wife used to work for some hunting and fishing publications whose offices are 1/2 mile off the end of the main runway at Dobbins. Stuff falls off the airplanes flying out of there constantly. Like: All. The. Time. It. Rains. Airplane. Parts.

Nuts, bolts, wire bits, rivets, etc were routinely found in convertibles and pickup truck beds, so the employee handbook warned "never leave your car top or windows down." 8 to 10 times a year, cars and trucks in the parking lot would lose windshields or back windows to falling hardware, and it was not unknown for major body damage to be found, with parts of airplanes embedded in hoods, roofs, trunks and pickup truck beds. One time, after work, she was standing outside talking with another employee, when he grabbed her, and pulled her down on the sidewalk. About 15 seconds later, a C130 wheel and tire assembly went bouncing by them about 30 yards away, and went through a first floor building window, as the aircraft that dropped it continued its climb over them. That vastly reduced her enthusiasm for working there, and she left a couple of months later. But not before another C130 lost a prop off a burning engine on final approach, that went through the roof of a warehouse a block away.

They may all be aerospace wizards and junior rocket scientists there in Marietta, but their airplanes fall apart in flight more than is easily explained by the law of averages. God help Atlanta if they're fooling with plasma drive and anti-gravity, 'cause they'll make what Sherman did look like a weenie roast...
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Years and years ago I wandered around Dulce, NM after hearing the stories and reading them in a text file downloaded from the (public at the time) WSMR ftp site.

I managed to scare up a couple of the 10,000 varieties of snakes known to my home state, but no reptoids. Spent about twelve hours walking and driving to the various named locations.

I didn't actually expect to find anything except maybe a defunct fenced area from the WSMR overshoots, but there weren't nothin' but goats and snakes.
posted by blixco at 7:35 PM on July 21, 2006

Deep Springs has a very cool men only work college that we have talked about before.
posted by hortense at 7:53 PM on July 21, 2006

This list smells more like disinfo.
posted by Twang at 1:36 AM on July 23, 2006

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