Dupree, Don't Lose That Number
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Steely Dan vs. the Wilson Brothers It's all about Dupree and Dupree, and is a great example of what bored rock stars do when they're too old to trash the hotel room. (Or, the Bird Flu of Viral Promotion - you decide.)
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Much respect to Donald Fagen and Walter Becker, but methinks they took a few too many drugs in the 70s. On the other hand, they couldn't have selected a much more deserving target.
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i can't wait until bobbie gentry goes after robby benson. it's overdue!
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I can't tell if they're joking or not. Not with regards to being upset, but with the kooky hippie language they use throughout the piece.
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I would love to hear Owen Wilson read that letter aloud. It sounds like one of his characters wrote it.
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This sounds like a great promotional bit for everyone involved. Letterman would lap this stuff up if they all showed up and hung out one night. And how cool would that be for the Wilson brothers, hanging out with Steely Dan - friggin awesome.
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I thought this was about Dupree's Diamond Blues.
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I blame Yacht Rock.
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My folks live in Corpus Christi. I can understand how being stuck there might drive someone to do something like this.
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I want to know what kind of hotel has paper that long, and how Steely Dan printed Courier New on it -- with ClearType antialiasing.
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The Wilsons should tread lightly; the Dans are tight with Jeff "Skunk" Baxter and he has access to mad gats.
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neustile: not to mention the random occurences of two spaces where there should be one.

This was enjoyable, I imagine the outdated hippy language is tongue-in-cheek self-semi-mocking.
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nice post
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they took a few too many drugs in the 70s.
I thought that was quite obvious even before the 70s ended.

I want to know what kind of hotel has paper that long, and how Steely Dan printed Courier New on it -- with ClearType antialiasing.
Fake document? Are you suggesting this could be the beginning of Steely Dan Rather-Gate?

Follow Up: The July 19th Dan concert came and went without Wilson showing up to apologize... Maybe he was scared off by co-headliner Michael McDonald. I know I would be.
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Luke Wilson will never top his performances in such classics as Bongwater and Kill the Man.

The best part of the letter was the post post script. It was like a surprise ending.
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It's "Reelin' in the Years"?
I always thought it was "Reelin' in the Eaves".

Which made no sense, but I just figured it was some wierd "This lyric is too obscure a reference for you to figure out" type 70's thing.

Thanks, like, Don and Walt, for like, totally clearin' that up, man.
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Is there a Steely Dan song that isn't about borderline pedophilia?
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This is the best Steely Dan joke I've seen since their online reunion tour diary: "Use an accordion, go to jail."
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Using the hotel stationary heading was a good move, as was using a typewriter kind of font. Concerning the "outdated hippy language", you gotta admit, "petite solid" is pretty great. That must be an LA thing...

Ah, those two, they're so clever, eh?

The whole thing is, of course, pretty stupid, but I think they know that too. These guys were utterly jaded from the very start. That was a big part of their appeal.
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Well, there doesn't appear to be a Residential Suites at Longworth referenced anywhere on the web other than here. I have trouble believing that the Steely Dan guys actually wrote this. It feels much more likely to me that it was created and put online by someone else and that they found it funny enough to put on their site.

Either way, it's pretty damn amusing ("petite solid"?!), and I like the idea that these two are willing to be so self-mocking.
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I loved 'extremely retrograde reality matrix'.
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Awesome. I always thought of Cousin Dupree when I saw the trailers. It's one of the reasons I wanted to see the movie, but I guess it sucks.

(I've also heard from a friend who had some business dealings with him that Owen Wilson is a prick of the "I'm a movie star, comp me" variety. I guess that isn't really a surprise.)
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I believe he just got the Goodbye Look.
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Baylink: That's a Fagen solo joint. Just sayin'.
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Actor responds. Now that's funny. PS: I love Steely Dan
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Owen Wilson has denied any connection between his new movie, "You, Me and Dupree," and '70s supergroup Steely Dan, a spokesman for the actor said Friday.

The band recently posted a letter on their Web site claiming that Wilson's Dupree character was based on their Grammy-winning song, "Cousin Dupree," about a couch-hopping houseguest.

In a statement released by his spokeswoman, Ina Treciokas, Wilson said: "I have never heard the song `Cousin Dupree' and I don't even know who this gentleman, Mr. Steely Dan, is. I hope this helps to clear things up and I can get back to concentrating on my new movie, `HEY 19.'"

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More inane ramblings from Steely Dan:

Steely Dan to Wes Anderson.
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