Index of Medieval Medical Images
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Index of Medieval Medical Images Searchable collection of medieval illustrations (to the year 1500); the thumbnails can be viewed at varying magnifications. There are many more interesting online repositories devoted to the history of medical illustration--both medieval and early modern--including Historical Anatomies on the Web, Anatomia, Seeing is Believing, and Medieval Manuscripts in the National Library of Medicine.
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Another excellent post, tj - this collection of "foetus-removal (abortion)" tools is enough to give me nightmares, and I don't even have a uterus.
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Excellent post, thomas j wise - your posts are among my favorites.
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Cool! Thanks!
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My jaw dropped when I saw this... as one of the only people working on medieval medicine at my university, I really appreciate any news I can get on the subject. Sadly, many of the go-to resources on the subject are subsciption only...
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Good post; thanks!
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This is going to take a while! thanks great links. here is another
from the index
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Awesome link. Thank you.
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OMG, What an amazing collection. Thank you for this treasure thomas j wise.

Some images are delightful surprises. Some unexpectedly funny.
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Amazing and beautiful.
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Excellent stuff: thanks tjw!
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Great post.
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Excellent post! Thanks!

[this is good] [so good]
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